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political lies

palin said she could see alaska from her houe,obama said he didnt ever reverand wright say anything hatefull in 20 years and didnt have much money growing up,bush talked of wmd,bill clinton didnt have sex,hillary clinton had to dive from sniper fire,nancy pelosi said she was never told anything by the cia much like serget schultz she knows nothing.and last barney frank didnt know about the gay prostution ring being run by his boyfreind out of barneys home and he said before congress and in his report to gw bush that fannie mae and freddie mac were in good shape no problems.
which of these is your favorite lie that either is the most absurd or has the most humor to it.can you tell us all some more of you favorite political lies?

Re: political lies

There is a body language expert on TV that has learned how to determine when Obama tells a lie.

What she discovered was, it is everytime he opens his mouth.

Of course you don't have to be an expert to figure that one out. All you have to do is listen to what he says and then watch what he does.

Re: political lies

heres one tom i heard obama tell in person.while running for office obama made a stop here in central coastal florida in titusville.where he promised to increase our areo space jobs and save them bringing prosperty to our area.well at the time unemployment had been going up in the area over a 2.5 year period locally it had gone from 3.2% to 6% people were worried and shouted vote obama vote after being in office the employment rate has gone from 6% to 11.4% locally not including thousands more who benifits have run out .and obamas promise to expand the areospace industry and save nasa jobs and those private contractor jobssome things obama has done ill agree with but few mainly because hes lied so much .i didnt add this one to the orginal post because people outside the are here would not have seen his great speech and all of it was not put on the tv to start with. at the 45 air space wing has did just the oppisate they have been laying off people and next year they estimate up to 7500 jobs of the 10000 left at the cape will be gone which will have a substanal impact here .


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