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recently i reached out to the fine people on here to ask a couple of questions. one was regardig scanner reports and the other was about a house that burned down at the 92/84 interchange. i was concerned for for the people who lost everything and wondered what help could be offered.

both questions have had plenty of readers, yet no replies. did i pick the wrong place to get answers or information?

Re: questions

Maybe no one knows, I dont. I dont own a scanner and havent heard anything.......

But let me consult my crystal ball, Ill be able to use it as soon as I find someplace to put my goldfish.

Re: questions

No, you didn't put it in the wrong place. For what ever reason, that thread just didn't take off.

Re: questions

I saw the house that you are talking about that has burned. I was hoping everyone was safe. I didn't know it burned until this morning.

Re: questions

Sorry I wasn't paying any attention and left the thing as QUESTION up there just now noticing that the person who started this was "Questions".

house that burned

there was no one living there,they only come in during the summer monthes. they live in va.The guy that owned the house that is his home place the two story house back behind don't know what happened he said he had already winterized it.

Re: house that burned

thank you so very much for taking the time to answer my queries. i am new to this and am not sure of proper protocal. if i handled things improberly, i apologize. my hubs and i are fairly new here and are finding it hard to find friends. ergo, question on here where folks seem to know. again, thank you. d

ps, i really bite at typing sorry


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