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We May Have a Solution to the Police Problem!

Assign deputies to work at Snowshoe! Forget the conservator idea; we don't have enough population for this Cadillac style of police protection.

or incorporate and be like Durbin

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Re: We May Have a Solution to the Police Problem!

norm i agree and this was tossed around at ss a number of years ago but ss decided aginst it then because of loss of control of the area and not being able to charge homeowners for certain services and not having control of the lawenforcement which is odd now thats whats going to happen but somehow i doubt that the constables wont have thier strings pulled by ss coporate

Re: We May Have a Solution to the Police Problem!

Mr. S.Well,
suely you are being facetious:incorporate and be like Durbin?Durbin government is hardly a model. (The only value of incorporation are the leash law and town lights.{Lights which cost thousands a year.} When a controversy was "discussed" on E-Tater about the town going unincorporated, two responses from the intelligentsia were as follows: "I like to see the town lights from Back Mountain" and" Let's not give up what we've got." Perhaps SnowShoe should be advised to be like GreenBank or Bartow who get along well without incorportion status and the concommitant higher taxes.
To segue, the conservator idea seems like a workable solution.

Re: We May Have a Solution to the Police Problem!

It is a statistical fact that they don't have the numbers up there to appoint a conservator!

Re: We May Have a Solution to the Police Problem!

i am still not real clear on the policing problem at ss but why not try a resident trooper ? this is where ss would pay a portion of the troopers wages and the state pays equipment and so forth. this allows ss to have a police officer at a good price and the town ,county or state would have an officer in the area at a cut rate cost. they would be patrolling the area around ss but would also be responsible for the ss itself and even could have a small office there. they could also have more than one if they want. i didnt just pull this out of the air, this was started in california, los angeles i think and has been utilized all over the country. in my area there are three small towns who have them simply because they cannot afford their own police dept. it works great !

Re: We May Have a Solution to the Police Problem!

Why should Snowshoe have to pay extra for law enforcement? Are there any other areas of the county that are required to pay an additional tax for law enforcement?

If there is a problem in a specific area it should be up to the state to assign a trooper to reside in the area.


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