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Your children's wish list!

Santa would love to know what your kids have asked him to bring them! Here is a neat way to give ideas to others. Ages are welcome as well by the gifts wanted.

Re: Your children's wish list!

That is a sweet idea! My kids gave me their wish list. They said they really have it all, already! FAMILY! I can't help it, I cried and they cried.

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas! Remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

Re: Your children's wish list!

Our son asked Santa for a Thomas the Tank big boy bed.

Re: Your children's wish list!

My son asked for a PSP, and all 3 girls who are teenagers want clothes and makeup.

Re: Your children's wish list!

My teenagers want cd's and dvd's mostly, plus cash so they can go shopping. Teenagers are so easy!

Re: Your children's wish list!

Yes they are!!!!! My 19yr. old wants a Cabela's gift card how easy is that?

Re: Your children's wish list!

Hi Ca Gal. My 2 have a short list and the other one has a list a mile long. lol They usually get a couple of things from this and then it is filled in with cheaper things. They get some clothes and then a few other items. It usually turns out decent.


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