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The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

We talked to Darla today and she told us that she called the state police in Charleston and that they don't have their name in her files at all.

This is the same Darla Piland who reported a sexual assault to the sheriff and Donna and the sheriff said that he had turned the matter over to the state police. He didn't! It was a barefaced lie!

David Jonese knows that if this happened he has a major lawsuit on his hands. Darla and Lester gave a video statement to Jonese. The ever-absent prosecutor was on the telephone. So David decided to cover it up!

Jonese even told Darla and Lester that the mystery cop was Agee! But we are getting information that the mystery cop may not have been a cop at all--in fact, was very likely a civilian who was invited to join the Sexual Olmypics at Stillwell that night.

This wouldn't be the only time that a civilian has accompanied an officer on patrol. One non-deputy actually got injured in accident with a deputy on patrol.

Totten was the sheriff's deputy who was there. He parked the car so that the "mystery cop" could pat down Darla off camera. Then went the matter came to court Totten said that his camera wasn't working and that he didn't have film. Jonese escorted your reporter from the courtroom when he volunteered to testiy under oath that Totten was lying. David J made a big hurry of getting the reporter out of the courtroom because he (the sheriff) had told the reporter that there was film of the event.

What is David Covering UP? We know that it was a surprise to him that Totten had a companion on the supposed "drug stakeout." Apparently, he doesn't know that his deputies are sometimes escorted by other persons (unofficially)

Darla and Lester reported that there were too girls with the cops that night!

Stillwell is famous for being a place for sexual liaisons.

We have been told that there was also another person there that night who got video on a cellphone camera. We are waiting for that video to surface!

How sad? Here's a former United States Marine who went bad within 21 days of being sworn into office. He will lie! What else will he do?

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

full of broken promises, wasn't he?

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

I am the one who is disappointed! He has certainly disappointed me.

I don't think that David really has his heart in being sheriff. I think it was just a way to supplement is military retirement.

Then going into the rock mining really took the cake.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

Stinkwell Tater
I am the one who is disappointed! He has certainly disappointed me.

Norman you are not the only one disappointed. As a law abiding citizen and a Christian I find it very disappointing that Mr. Jonese has chosen to be his own judge on this matter. If he had nothing to hide then he shouldn't have minded Darla having the information needed to proceed. I will not stand behind a man who permits his employees to do the things they have without some type of reprimand or even job loss. I realize that Pocahontas County lacks with its law enforcement but I'd rather see 5 honest ones than 20 that think they can put their hands on any woman they choose or will have them. Shame on Mr. Jonese. He will not be getting my vote next time. Doshia probably would have been a better canidate. I doubt she would have put up with that kind of trash, but then I could be wrong about her too.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

That's why I voted for David Walton in the last election, but Norman, you bad mouthed David Walton so much over the Alkire case, that you cause him the election, so I hope you and the other people who voted for David J. will get you belly full of him. Norman, you should have had a back ground check on David, just because he is a ex marine, doesn't make him a man as he has proved since being elected sheriff.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

Oh, I have! I am not too proud to tell you that I have lost confidence in David J. He lied to me about turning this matter over to the state police. Then I found out that he told the same lie to another friend of mine. David never turned that investigation over to anyone; he dropped it!

Come Monday, I will make a call to the state police colonel in Charleston and see if they have any ongoing investigation of a police sexual assault in Pocahontas County. I am betting that they don't!

It shouldn't take six months of get a police report on a sexual assault. Any sheriff worth his salt would know start to wonder what was going on in that amount of time. David J himself only thought it would require a "little time." Well, six months is enough time in my book!

We are getting ready to have as major civil trial in Pocahontas County regarding a woman who was forced to have oral sex with an employee of the sheriff's office. 14 (FOURTEEN) women have come forward. There is a massive 17 page complaint in the court house regarding the civil suit and yet David Jonese is not pressing the matter. Why?

Then there is Ben Wilfong! What happened there? David J did arrest him and then Donna screwed the prosecution up!

Now I am hearing that there has been a massive procedural foulup with a drug arrest. Looks look some of the perps will be walking!! David fouled this one up by not interviewing the victim of search process.

Here's an interesting story I came across today. It seems that a person went to see Donna and was told that she wasn't in. They waited outside just a little while and guess who came out the prosecutor's door--Donna the ever absent prosecutor. Seems she was hiding in her office.

Then we are also watching closely another pending disaster in the prosecutor's office. Stay tuned!

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

Mr. Alderman you knew Joe Jonese from school. What made you think David was not going to turn out acting like his father? All marines are not such great people there are bad ones there also.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

Yes, but I hoped for more from DAvid! I guess I let that military thing blind me! I figured David might turn out ok!

I have never in my life seen someone go down so fast. An egg couldn't rot as quick as David J has. He is lying, covering up for sexual crimes of his employees, and showboating all at the same time.

It took Alkire several years to go bad. David started 21 days after he took office! There is a young lady who stands to lose her driver's license because David let the deputy lie on the witness stand and Kathy Beverage believed him.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

Agee aint no mystery cop at all. Matter of fact it aint no mystery at all that him and brad totten got away with all the crap they have to people. Why is the so called troopers so special that he gets away with being accused just about rape? I bet if it was the girl who made the complaint non the so called trooper, I bet if it was her that was being accused of something that she would probably still be in jail. But the so called trooper never got nothing and the so called deputy mr. to9tten once again gets away with yet another crime theirself. The girl who made this complaint is human to and she should be able to not have to worry about this happening to her, and much less she should have to worry about not even having any police protection FROM the police. This aint right, at all. way to go cops, way to go sheriff, way to go you bunch of political sissies. what they need is a good old fashioned rear end whooping since the laws don't seem to apply to them.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!


I would like to know how much the citizens of Pocahontas are paying Jonese. With that portion of the tax base I would imagine it is substantial.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

And they still only get a Part-time sheriff. Don't forget the rock business he owns.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

Pictures perhaps...???

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

I would like to know why the State Police did not do their own in depth investigation on one of their Troopers being accused of stuff like this. Mr. Agee, is that who it was? You have got to be kidding me, once again, he gets away with episodes against a woman. It is no surprise that the deputy got away, but I thoiught the state police would not stand for it. oh well.. like they said, way to go, real proud of ya..

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

who are you talking about any way

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

i think they are talking about the one that that girl said touched her and stuff when he while he was in regular clothes or was supposed to be doing a stake out or something with that deputy there a while back. could be wrong but that's what it sounds like.

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

has totten got a history of being envolved in such things?

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

Are You Serious? Brad Totten have any past things? Let me tell you this, Brad has gotten away with more than most just because of who his Grandad was. Most the the cops in this town think that if I wear this uniform then everyone has to DO AS I SAY, NOT WHAT I DO or pay the consequences. Let me tell you this, that uniform means nothing in this town except which young girl am I gonna try to hook up with. I don't care who they are and what uniform whether its a local, or state official. I know of them beating on their wives, girlfriends, and significant others, and still able to wear the badge.



Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

I have been reassured that Jonese is watching Totten very carefully! I still hope that Jonese will finally take action on the sexual assault. If he doesn't he's going to have major problems when some kid comes forward and he is going to have to explain why he was sitting on this all along!!! It has now been 9 months since the sexual assault!

Re: The Sheriff Was Lying All Along!

Oh am I laughing at all of is said that BT is still fluffing around with girls and women all over the county. How do you think he gets his narcs.? I wouldn't want it... probably couldn't be washed with ajax. Yet I am sure he is not the only person in the departent whom tiptoes throw the the tulips. It is ok.. if everyone thought Alkires regime was a laughing stock.. just wait his one will tie or surpass it.


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