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Keller Family

Henry Keller, born December 17, 1874 in Stuttgart, Germany; died May 02, 1965 in Menominee, Michigan. He married Katherine Seidel June 13, 1900 in Prentice, Wisconsin, daughter of Andrew Seidel. She was born September 06, 1875 in Vienna, Austria, and died August 18, 1962 in Menominee, Michigan.

Children of Henry Keller and Katherine Seidel are:

1. Dora Keller
2. Eleanor Keller
3. Robert A. Keller
4. Henry Keller
5. William A. Keller
6. Clarence Keller
7. Francis G. Keller
8. Gertrude Keller
9. Leona Keller

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