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The Soapbox
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Bench Drop Out Drunks.

Something needs to be done about the congregating drunks that sit at their normal spot using bad language, urinating,and generally bringing down the town.

I vote for a zero tolerance policy for drinking in public in this town.

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

Yeah they are wasters. Even kids were sat with them today. They should all go on Jeremy Kyle, they would fit right in.

I wish i could get drunk on tax payers money, day in, day out.

Word of the day is J-O-B, JOB!

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

Yes I agree totally , the town council really ought to find a less open venue to discuss the towns business

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

In some outer London Boroughs, Sharia law is being 'displayed' advising people that they are entering a Sharia policed area. This prohibits people from:

Having sexual contact with another person
etc etc.

Maybe the town council could implement something similar?

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

This should of been sorted last year they are a eyesore and make you feel very intimidated

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

Simple stop thier Benifits

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

great idea.....stop benefits & increase crime rate in one fell swoop!

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

New girl
great idea.....stop benefits & increase crime rate in one fell swoop!

Your spot on! I vote you for the next PM!

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

Chipping Norton seems to have it's fair share of anti social behavior.

There is a gang of lads that drive round in a van that seem to think its fun to intimidate people.

I saw them race 2 cars up Hailey Road a few months ago, One car on the road and the other drove up the hill across the grass and gardens, If a child or elderly person had been walking across there they could have been killed.

Reported and nothing done????

One family had to move because of them and others still have to live in fear.

Why is no one doing anything about this problem????

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

will that be a white van with six or seven people in it i think the police should do something but you know as well as me they wont

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

I go to chippy school and as I go home i have to walk past the bench that they sit on and all I can smell is drink and smoke I even feel scared to walk past sometimes because they are in such a shocking state

Re: Bench Drop Out Drunks.

They went through a phase of sitting on the town hall steps.on one occasion a particularly drunk individual was shouting obscenities to a pregnant lady out shopping with her children, I intervened and was threatened, I contacted the police, who showed up in a squad car, wound down their window and had a had a light-hearted chat with he dunk, then drove off.