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The Soapbox
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As a 'bird of passage' to whom Chipping Norton is but a welcome port of call on my way to somewhere else, the idea of a supermarket in your delightful little town is an unimaginable horror.

As you value your way of life, say "NO" to Sainsbury.
"NO! NO! NO!"

Here in Dunstable (where I live for my sins), the heart has been torn out of this ancient town. One by one the little shops have all but disappeared, to be replaced by Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Poundshop,
Charity shops, bookies and boarded-up windows.

Meanwhile, the council proposes to restore our fortunes with a grandiose plan that includes such goodies as a new 'shopping mall' and a multistory car park. Imagine that in dear old Chippy!

Yesterday afternoon I went into our Sainsbury's to buy a punnet of strawberries. You know what? They hadn't any. In the best strawberry season for years - they couldn't find me a punnet of strawberries. I ask you...

They won't care what you want. They'll drive your little, friendly shops out of business by stocking what they sell today at prices they can't match. Then, when your favourite little shop has gone and you want something, you'll be told "It's been discontinued." Tough!

Never in Chipping Norton, if you've got half the sense you were born with.

"NO! NO! NO!"

Re: Sainsburys

We have NO small grocery shops, greengrocers,wet fish shops. The Co-op and the other supermarket have already killed them off!

Re: Sainsburys

Finally someone else who realities it's the Co-op who have slowly been killing the small shops not one that hasn't been built yet!

Re: Sainsburys

Just waiting for a Mcdonalds or KFC next lol.

I recon give it 10 years chippy will end up like Witney

Re: Sainsburys

Very interesting to see how Ludlow managed its supermarket, and how the town is thriving. Strong leadership from Chippy's Town Council, directed in support of Chippy people, might achieve similar results. See Nicholas Crane's programme about Ludlow here.

Re: Sainsburys

Just waiting for a Mcdonalds or KFC next lol.

I recon give it 10 years chippy will end up like Witney

What's wrong with Witney? Plenty of shops there and out of town supermarket, all seem to be doing ok.

Re: Sainsburys

Peter Simple has it exactly. I watched the programme about Ludlow and how they "managed" Tesco but the other very interesting fact was the number of small shops in the town; several butchers, a greengrocer, a wet fish shop and a whole range of others. The Ludlow Tesco is in the town centre and attracts people to the town. It was designed to blend in with the local landscape and street scene and looked a very elegant building that enhances the town centre.
Over the years Chippy has been wrecked by allowing dreadful shop fronts such as Smith's and Boots the Chemist to be installed and it is the Co Op that has killed the small shops and with their latest plan want to concrete over the last possible area for small retail development in the town.

Re: Sainsburys

A couple of points, D.B.P. - 1)Chippy has always been
a 'Co-op' town. When I first came here as a 12 year old
in 1955 the then Chipping Norton & District Co-operative
Society dominated the town centre. The Old Mill, Corbetts, Manchester House, and The Sue Ryder Shop were all Co-op shops of one kind or another, as well as the
Building opposite the town hall, and a Grocery Dept. where Beales is now, plus a Bakery, Dairy, etc.
Point #2)What's the problem with Boots & W H Smiths
shop fronts. Boots have been in town for well over 50 years in any case, always on Topside, and, as far as I remember, always had a frontage similar to their shops elsewhere, as is W H Smiths. In case you had forgotten the 'Chipping' part of this towns' name means 'Market',
and shops are in business to market their wares

Re: Sainsburys

If the Co-op develops like it wants to we can say goodbye to the town centre. The Post Office will be off Back Lane, probably the chemists will be incorporated and also the Travel shop. All conveniently situated in the large new Co-op premises. Three more empty shops on the High Street! The Post Office is more accessible where it is now for the majority of people, not having to go into a supermarket to gain access!

Re: Sainsburys

Response to Mikegee

'Point #2)What's the problem with Boots & W H Smiths
shop fronts.'

The problem with these shop fronts is that they represented standardised, corporate images, and that planners have allowed them to be imposed on architecturally interesting buildings in a completely unsympathetic manner. Try an experiment. Stand on Topside, outside Boots, for example, and look at the shop front. You might just as well be in Hemel Hempstead for all the individuality you can see. That applies equally to W. H. Smith, Scrivens, Top Shop / Burtons. Even the Co-Op Chemist has done its best to vandalise quite an attractive shop front.

Now step back, being careful of the traffic, and look at those same buildings, and focus on the upper floors. Many of those are visually and architecturally very interesting – but the ground floor treatment is completely out of character.

It doesn’t have to be like this. It’s a while since I was in Chipping Campden – another ‘Chipping’ (Market) – but you’ll see there a singular absence of corporate identity shop fronts. Possibly the most intrusive is HSBC, but that is fairly low key and has a minimal logo. My point is that the visual appearance of a town can be controlled when planners have the nerve to stand up to the corporates and say, ‘We’re not having that here – it doesn’t fit.’

I don’t buy into the ‘Chippy has always been a 'Co-op' town’ argument, either. When the Co-Op was a local outfit, it would have had the flexibility to respond to individual needs, providing tailored services (quite literally – they would make you a suit from Bliss tweed). Now, however, the CoOp is a mega business, driven by the need to make profit. (See recent correspondence about the high prices it charges). Being a 'Co-Op town' might have left a residual mark on the character of local politics, but even that is a voice that has been swamped.

Re: Sainsburys

Does anyone know what happened at the second STOP SAINSBURY@S meeting last week?