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amy winehouse

i know she was not a chippy resident, however, i am sure she had touched some of our hearts with her talent. i know she had had her problems and difficulties. good bye such a sad sorrow you will be missed.

Re: amy winehouse

Drink and drugs were her downfall along with keeping the company of druggies like Blake Fielder; we have seen for our selves the effect druggy scum can have just look at matty pratley and his victims. The question is - we can all see it building up so what can we do to stop it?
Compulsory drug tests?
Enforced rehab programs?
More resources (not less as at present) for the police and social services?
More drug sniffer dogs routinely deployed in a variety of areas?
I dont have the answers but i can see it happening.

Re: amy winehouse

its a shame that it may come down to that. the talent is now lost. however we all have a choise on what we do. she decided to choose drink and drugs and people who had an influence on her. i'm sure that they all had the desired effect at the time, this prooved to be wrong.

this is not to condone drink and drugs, she could be highlighted as a wasted life, however, the pleasure she gave to millions is now what she leaves behind.

Re: amy winehouse

Great voice, bad friends . Reminds me of Billie Holliday or any other of those great but 'fragile' artists that didn't have the right people (or common sense) to guide them. RIP.

Re: amy winehouse

very sad, such a young age. always was a strange person though. rip.

Re: amy winehouse

A great shame this has happened although it came a sno surprise. Even an oldie like me thought she had a great distinctive voice - I am sorry this has happened and hope it will be a warning to others.

Re: amy winehouse

yer will teach people to not do drugs or drink wayy to much

Re: amy winehouse

Wondering if this was any other person whether they would get the same sympathy or a serves themselves right

Re: amy winehouse

Wondering if this was any other person whether they would get the same sympathy or a serves themselves right

Very true.If this wasnt Amy Winehouse know one would care and people would be saying its their own fault. She had a great voice and inspired many people, good or bad...However we speak of a certain drug addict very well known to CN and we never speak of him in a good way, so why just because she was famous and could sing, should we say its a bad thing?she chose her way of life and we could see many years ago that she wasnt going to be here for much longer, a young life WASTED but hopefully this will be a big message to her fans out there. its the family i feel for not her.