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Re: Friendship between voice teacher and student?

haha oh wow. How did that go pheonix?

Re: Friendship between voice teacher and student?

Sounds like it could be a case of man love tehe

Re: Friendship between voice teacher and student?

after i´ve discovered she is married and have
kids, my heart broke at the same instant. that is serious!!

i fell like i was married with she in another
life; when i saw her first time.
Also i wrote a song about this.

One thing is you invest in a girl who you think is
cool.. another is find THE ONE you find that is
your wife. oh man.

She is a voice teacher and is recording an cd
right now. I wont tell who is she to save her
identity. A cool part is when i was having lessons
with her, we sang togheter.. and i put that in
my lyrics.. "Everytime i hear you singig i will
remeber you voice floating in my..."

( i dont write english very well.. sorry. )

Re: Friendship between voice teacher and student?

See! That's why you can't let this happen... Vocal teachers are often very caring and sensitive people and sometimes because emotions will often influence how you sing, I think it's not uncommon for the singing teacher to become a confident. She/he might notice if something is wrong and try to help but that's it!

Re: Friendship between voice teacher and student?

I am friends with several of my students, but as far as teaching, I am still very strict. I find that I tend to be harder on students I've befriended, because I want them to know that just becasue we are friends doesn't mean I am going to pat them on the back for sloppy work ;)


Re: Friendship between voice teacher and student?


I would suggest against doing that.

I'm friends with my Voice teacher, in the sense that we respect each other and talk about our personal lives from time to time. As a matter of fact, he was the first person (and remains the only) who knows me in person that I came out to.

However despite that I would not want to begin hanging out with him or trying to build an 'outside' relationship with him on the grounds that friends have that nasty tendency to argue and get miffed with each other ;).

Also it will make switching to a different teacher more difficult should you need to do that at some point, and it's already hard enough to do that as it is.

Re: Friendship between voice teacher and student?

you mean as told him you were gay? Wow. How did that come up? haha. I never got to build a relationship with my old teacher, she never really seemed that interested in the music I like or anything. Where the guy I just started going to now wants to know what I like, and writes down names of people. He also said if I perform anywhere he'd like to come. So he really takes an interest in his students it seems and it really shows.