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Bruce Dickinson

Last night i went to watch Maiden in Cardiff.
I just couldnt get over how good Bruce was live...hes 49 i think and his voice is still going better than ever. I have looked into a bit of his history, but i cant find anything about singing that cant be right....i refuse to believe that he has never had some sort of guidance :P
What techniques does he use? How does he have such a high chest range? and he sings the high chest notes with so much ease, its not
I mean ive seen a few iron maiden bootlegs and dvd shows, and i have never heard bruces voice give once, or get weaker, or hit any wrong pitches. Where as even though James Labrie is my idle, and hes an incredible singer with awesome technique, i have seen quite a few slip ups from him on live shows.
Is he just a natural?

Re: Bruce Dickinson

Bruce us definitely one of my idols! I have IM's latest CD and even though he is approaching fifty, like you said his voice is as strong now as it was back in the old "Powerslave" days in the early 80s. I really haven't ever heard if he had any voice lessons or not either, but he's definitely doing something right to do it so well for so long! BTW, I bet it was a killer show, wasn't it?

Re: Bruce Dickinson

He claims in the Pro Secrets of Heavy Rock Singers book he's never had actual lessons; just learned from the notebooks of his sister I believe who did have lessons. I still think he has had some kind of training somewhere along the way.

I saw him at Ozzfest and he was incredible, but i've heard bootlegs and some of the stuff in the Maiden boxset where his voice is kind of weak. I think he is pretty consistent now though, and sings a lot cleaner most of the time.

Re: Bruce Dickinson

I think that Bruce is a monster. He is in very good shape and he is very athletic and I think that has helped him. I have heard him hit many wrong notes but he does it with such passion that is doesn't really matter and most people don't notice. On the other hand, I saw my idol, Halford, in the newest Priest video and I was not too impressed. He has changed his style alot and strays away from the falsetto screams. When he does sing the old songs, he can't hit the notes. The man is still a legend and I think he was untouchable in the British Steel/Screaming For Vengeance era.

Re: Bruce Dickinson

Saw Halford twice; in Cincy and Cleveland. In Cleveland he had a cold but was pretty incredible. Both performances were better than the newest DVD. If you listen to bootlegs of the tour, he got better as the tour went on. He still is a pretty hit or miss live singer though because listening to a lot of the early 80s live stuff he really sounds pretty rough. I think his peak was during the Priest Live! period when he hit everything pretty effortlessly.

Re: Bruce Dickinson

I would have to agree that Halford kicked butt on the Live album. I didn't like him and the band as much by then because Turbo was a terrible record and it was featured on that record. Bruce and Rob are 2 of the greatest and it must be hard to sing songs that are 20 plus years old. It is just not possible to sing that way for all of your career. Staying on the underated topic, I think that Dave Meniketti is a great singer and an incredible guitar player. I have seen him recently and he still has pipes.