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Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

I find that i bridging my passagio worries me when im singing infront of people. When im by myself, i cant do it really well, and then when i sing infront of people, i am so concious of it that i usually mess it up. I was singing 'say you will' by Foreigner on the kareoke the other week, and there was a few notes i wanted to hit in head voice that i know i can do when im not so consious of it, but i was worrying about it so much that i cracked when i tried to do it.....its so frustrating because i know i can do it just worry about it so much....
but ill get over it.

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

I'm with Oiselle.

1. Catching a cold (of which I currently have one, sux)
2. Forgetting Lyrics, really sux when in the middle of a line you get a brain fart.
3. Monitor crap's out and I can't hear myself over screaming guitars.
4. Ear infection.
5. loose my voice(has never happened but would never want it to either)

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

My biggest fear is getting half way through a song and when a big note comes up I totally go off key on that note.

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

I have actually lost my voice by over pushing it with bad technique...that was scary i guess, took about 3 days to come back. I was actually thinking that it was permanent and that i would no longer have a career in
Also a cold is scary when you know you have gigs...the day before a gig, i usually think im getting a soar im not im just paranoid.
I have sang a gig with a really bad cold before, but the cold started on that day so it hadnt taken a big hit to my throat at that time, and i sang fine (with tissues on but i find its the days after the cold that are difficult to sing.
Also, one gig i the guitars were so loud i cudnt hear my vocals, and the guitars were so loud i cudnt even hear the i had no key to start me off...and when i watched the camcorder footage, i was singing in a completely different key. The sound was so distorted when we were playing that i cudnt hear the notes, so i was just going by what i thought was had no monitors, and the vocals were so quiet through the PA becos i kept getting feedback. so its not as if people cud hear how out of key i was singing anyway.

So i think Troys fears are accurate for my own experiences...

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

1. Singing off pitch
2. 'Oversinging' and burning out my voice before the end of the gig
3. Colds
4. Stagefright
5. Worrying about my tone e.g. too nasal

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer


1. Becoming hoarse before a gig
2. Cracking on a high note
3. Not being able to hear yourself during a gig...
(mental note to self: ALWAYS WEAR EAR PLUGS.
a) It keeps you from permanent hearing loss and
b) you can hear yourself clearer, similar to holding your ears shut)
4. Having to sing with a cold
5. Not knowing the lyrics/the music well enough

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

How about getting booed?

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

Gotta agree with Lee here. In line with my constant head voice work, that is my biggest concern live, always.

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer


Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer


Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

i would have to say paresis/paralysis. its no fun

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

1. singing off pitch
2. breath support/forcing
3. worrying about the tone: nasal/or not
4. Catching a cold / being sick
5. monitors

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

I agree with everyone here.

1. Losing my voice completely before an important performance. For me, my singing voice doesn't return until 2 1/2 weeks after I regain my speaking voice & it takes close to a month to get back to the point I was at.

2. Forgetting the lyrics to the song.

3. Being so nervous it affects my pitch throughout the entire song. (I sang a solo in choir my senior year of high school, & I can't bear to go back & listen to it. It was my first time actually using a mic to sing into & I was also the very first person to go up. )

4. The audience does NOTHING for several seconds afterwards (either that or they boo).

5. One or both my hearing aids breaking before a performance (it takes up to 3 weeks to get them back from the company), thereby influencing my pitch.

PS-Happy belated birthday, Jaime.

Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

My singing star. How I lov thee:) Your name is going to big in big letters at the front and back of RYV II. My webmaster said you did a wonderful job and you will be one of the first people to get a copy before it is ever released:)


Re: 5 Biggest Nightmares of a singer

So my name's going to be lighted up, eh? Just kidding.

You're so very welcome, Jaime!!

I wish there was a "blushing" icon here because that's exactly what I'm doing right now.