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Re: How does David Phelps that great control?

Bro, it's this simple:

1. Be born insanely talented
2. Find excellent vocal teachers
3. Train your ass off

Follow those three simple steps, and you too can sound just like David Phelps ;).

Re: How does David Phelps that great control?

Anthony is right except for the being born insanely talented. Anyone can do it if they want it bad enough. How do yo0u get that control??? You sing along with singers who have that kind of range, everyday as part of your vocal workout. The only way to get there is to sing there.


Re: How does David Phelps that great control?

I see. I think part of my problem is when doing scales when approaching head notes such as G,A,B ect. I start to blow a bit too much air through and somehow it ends up constricting a bit and that little constriction ends up alot after lots of singing.

I do exercises such as mum mum, and nay nay from Brett Mannings Cd, I also do transition tone and some other exercises.

So my question is should I do mum mum and nay nay as quietly as possible and try to make no breath come through. Or should I let it get louder near the higher ends. It seems I'm great when it comes to loud singing in head voice but when I goto do it softly I have lots of breath coming through is this normal?

Re: How does David Phelps that great control?

I believe that regardless of whether you do an exercise soft or loud, you should maintain a volume consistency throughout the exercise. So try both a soft and loud version of the exercise. To me, an increase in volume as you sing higher, is just a crutch that will cause you to strain. Nothong wrong with being loud, but don't add it gradually during an exercise.