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Can hit high notes but cant sing them

Hello everyone! Let me get straight to the I have problem with singing songs that are well inside my voice range.I can hit high C and hold it all day long, I can do decent rock screams and add rasp to my voice(its not great yet but i can do it pretty good sometimes), but when I try to sing a song that should be a piece of cake for me based on my range and power I just cant do it corectly i know its not correct because it doesnt sound right and I can feel tension in my voice.I came to a conclusion that despite having big vocal range and decent power I lack control.I cant hit those high notes lightly when i try it all gets cracky and airy no matter how little breath i try to use.Sometimes when im relaxed and totaly focused I can do it right but most of the time thats not the case.I just feel when i start singing in chest voice im stuck there and cant realy switch to mix voice even though i have acces to my mix but only when i do it isolated or like a siren.I know this would all come in place with lots of practice but the thing is right now I really have no much time for anything other then my job so I would apricate some tips and exercises on this problem if anyone knows something that could help me...thank you!