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vowel modfication

Hey guys im a beginner here, learning to sing high notes, first reading of the breqthing and the support, although i know it before i bought the book because ive searched Raise your Voice ebook and i read the preview of it and i was suprised by the results, because before i go here in this vocal academy ice searched many vocal coaches like brett manning, ken tamplin, felicia ricci, kevin richards, and many more at that time ive followed brett manning for 3 because his methods also wroked for me but the only problem is if i get higher in my voice it is very hard to sustain, and very thin ,and also i want to sing longer notes without tiring my throat, hahahahhaha but my concern here is do we need to modify our vowel when singing higher that singing success also use?

Re: vowel modfication

Welcome:) Here is what I suggest. let's not worry about vowel modification just yet. Spend the next four weeks, 6 days per week, doping the three basic Isolation exercises as I describe in RYV, stick to the one vowel I suggest. Once you feel you have a grasp of them, then we can get into vowel modification:)

Re: vowel modfication

Thanks jaime👌👌

Re: vowel modfication

Sounds play an important role in our life. Especially vowels. There's no doubt that it would be a great topic for essay or dissertation which you can find on

Re: vowel modfication

And also if i want to perfect my breathing first can i read the Ultimate breathing workout and finish it first before going to vocal focus in raise your voice? Thanks😀

Re: vowel modfication

Start with RYV. But you can also do UBWO at the same time:)