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Hello Jaime(applying technique in songs)

I've been practising RYV for awhile now(not so much last few months).I think my technique still sucks but not all the way it used to.My question is how do I apply my current technique to actual songs.For example on a good day I can cover more than 2 octaves when doing sirens and stuff like that and I even thin out as I go upscale and I dont strain...but when i sing a song I can sound good on maybe 1 octave even though I have more than 2 octaves when doing sirens, I know that it's a lot easier to sing high when doing exercises as opposed to singing songs because its all on open vowels but I think its too much to have 1 octave difference when singing songs so I feel like I forgot all about technique when I sing songs.It sounds and feels like I am always pulling my chest voice so as I have to sing higher notws of the song Im always in the same tonality(like weight of the sound and place of the resonance).It sounds strained and it feels strained if I try to thin it out as I go higher I would just end up with a weak heady sound.Right now I'm having some problems with my voice and I'm still trying to figure it out and fix it but anyways the notes I'm struggling with arent very high maybe E4-F4 and above.So how do I apply what I learned and practiced to an actual song.

Re: Hello Jaime(applying technique in songs)

Hahaha, Johnny we've all been there. You kinda answered your own question. You just "apply" it as you sing;) Exercises are open-vowel exercises, thus no consonants, so they are easy to do. When singing, much more is going on. Soooo, you need to sing every day. I'd say a bare minimum of 30 minutes, while thinking about the vocal techniques you learned in RYV.

Don't expect it to be easy. Takes more finesse to learn to use those breathing, support, and placement techniques when singing. Just stick to it for a full month and don't get discouraged. If you practice 5-6 days per week for four weeks doing your exercises followed by singing, it will start to click!