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Hello Jaime(vocal nodules question)

Now I'm slowly getting freaked out that i developed nodules.I dont know how to explain exacly but I will try.When I do isolation exercises I sometimes have problem acessing my falsetto but its ussualy fine, I can do transcending tone pretty well more often than not and my sirens arent bad either but...I have so much phlegm in my throat and it gets in the way of my voice, I kinda struggle with sirens when sliding its very hard to make my cords fully conected(its not a big deal but I can hear it and feel it its not as easy as it was before)Im not straining but its harder to hold out a note for me than it was a few months ago.After I finish with exercises my voice will sometimes feel tired(No pain or fatigue but I feel I dont have same power in my voice like in the morning 1 or 2 hours after I wake up)and sometimes I will have a lot of vocal fry in my voice if I try to sing in falseto full voice mix I can somehow make it dissapear but its still there.And when I come back from school in the evening and do my singing my voice feels tired and also have the same problem with vocal fry and my falseto gets weird and breathier than usual.Please someone let me know how can I figure out if I have nodules are there some specific symptoms or something and how can I fix this I dont want to stop singing:(

Re: Hello Jaime(vocal nodules question)

You go to an ENT and have them scope your throat. It can also be many other things. Maybe you smoke. Maybe you drink too mich caffeine. Maybe you aren't drinking water. Maybe you're not applying the technique correctly or over-pushing the air. Maybe you have acid reflux. You have to play vocal detective.