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Newbie Question - Neck Muscles and Favoring one side...?

Hola fellow RYV folks!

I've been working with RYV exercises (mainly breathing and pitch isolation) for a few weeks, and I've definitely been noticing results that keep me inspired.

But I have noticed something that, while not particularly concerning, I do find curious.

I find one side (the left side, mainly) of my neck where my neck gland is tends to be feel a little inflamed / sore after practicing. It doesn't hurt--and I don't notice it while practicing. It's not on the 'outside' neck muscles either, but doesn't feel like it's in my throat--as that feels fine.

If I had to compare it to anything, it feels similar to when I was learning to speed pick guitar stuff in my 20' muscle on my forearm getting a little 'tender' after prolonged practice sessions.

Again, it doesn't hurt, but I do notice it. And I notice it only on the left side, not the right. So on top of slowing down my practice pace and warming up as long as I can, I'm just wondering A) has anyone else experienced this? B) is it something I should worry about? and C) is there any way to 'balance' my neck muscles in case I'm somehow leaning on/overusing my left side?

Rock on y'all! m/

Re: Newbie Question - Neck Muscles and Favoring one side...?

This is common. There is a USEFUL TIP in RYV where I talk about using the NO side-to-side movement when doing your exercises and singing. This is why I added it:) Check it out in the book and start using the NO:)