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Hey Jaime...question about acir reflux

Hello there...I am a bit confused and not sure if I suffer from acid reflux so let me tell you a short story.I quit smoking about year ago for the sake of singing and as I expected my throat was full of nasty phelgm.Unfortunatley I continued to smoke mary jane ocasionnaly but also quit that about month ago.Now my throar is ALWAYS full of freaking nasty stuff and I have to swallow every few seconds and clear my throat, its been like this for a year now and is driving me crazy and lately I have been suspecting that im suffering from acid voice sounds okay but I know it would sound a lot better with a clean throat.My voice sometimes gets kind of tired and I have lots of vocal fry in my voice but I can still sing high and clear.I got a bit heartburn few days ago but ussualy I dont get heartburns.Please someone tell me what should I do im really sick of stuffy throat and nose.Thanks!

Re: Hey Jaime...question about acir reflux

And I forgot to note that my voice feels good throughout the day but often when the night comes my voice gets hoarse a little bit.

Re: Hey Jaime...question about acir reflux

First and foremost, you want to get a pillow that prevents you from lying flat. That will help with the reflux. If you sleep on your left side, that will also alleviate it somewhat. Try not to go to bed right after eating (this one's tough, because I get sleepy after a big meal and always lose the battle to stay awake).

An acid reducer long-term is really the way to go. It won't kick in immediately, but after about a month of taking it, your symptoms will improve. As someone with acid reflux- sorry you have that. It's one of the absolute worst things for a singer to deal with.

Wondering if you also might have an allergy to something in your room. Do your sinuses ever get blocked? You'd notice if they did... It would be impossible to sing in reinforced falsetto. The tone would go up into those resonators and just disappear in a cushion of mucus (not sure how else to describe it). Hope you feel better.

Re: Hey Jaime...question about acir reflux

Thanks for the tips man!Yea it really is pain in the ass.Well I'm pretty sure now that I have acid reflux but anyways I will talk to my doctor before taking any actions.Thanks again!