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Raising the soft palate

I have a question about raising soft palate and I hope someone will answer me soon since this is really important to me at this time.So I have been working with RYV for a while now(almost 1 year)and i was always raising my soft palate like Jaime said in the book.Now the problem is and the doubt I always had about raising the soft palate was...when I raise the soft palate all the way it blocks my nasal resonators even though i can hit high notes that way easly I always wondered aren't we suposed to let our voice resonance go into that nasal area for the sake of tone and it also made sense because every voice teacher I ever heard says that tone of the voice needs to be foward in the mask(so that means we must feel our voice vibrates in our nose and cheeks)and that imposible with raised soft palate blocking the voice from going into our nose.I dont mean sound nasal(nasality is as far as I know result of high and constricted larynx)but allow our voice to have that nasal resonance to get brighter tone and make the voice easier to go into our head resonators.I recently started to let my voice into these nasal cavities as I exercise and sing and when I do that it feels alot easier to get my voice into the head and focused in the soft palate, so i still raise my soft palate but i dont block my nose with it.It sounds a bit better and I can go high easier.So please someone answer what Jaime means when he says to raise a soft palate, to raise it all the way and block our nose or the way I have discribed how I do it.

Re: Raising the soft palate

Sooo sorry I am just getting to all of these:(

First off, you're incorrect. IF you raise the palate as I instructed you WILL feel those vibrations in the mask. This is a HUGE part of what I teach in the book. What you are doing is over raising it, which I also cover in the book. You are overthinking this process and going to the extreme. This also leads me to add to your previous question about you worrying about getting nodules. Now I know most likely what is going on. You are raising the larynx WAY high like a super yawn, blocking off the sinus cavity, which in turn is causing you to push more air just to feel those resonant sensations in the palate and mask. So, go back and reread RYV;) Remember, I say take a micro breath on a yawn, and I never say take a big yawn because that would cause your larynx to drop too low and your palate to raise too high;) It is about finding the right balance, which happens when the larynx is close to neutral and the palate is just slightly raied to form a decent dome without shoot all the sound up into the nose:)