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New Member

Good Afternoon,

where to begin..

I am a almost 40 male guitarist.. been playing since i was a teen, and singing (badly) along with but never really been a "Vocalist" just necessity as i had no singers in my circle of friends growing up..

last year i joined a band as a second guitarist and after a year with them, and we added new songs to the set, that i began to sing the lead on..

and now i find myself, in the position of not liking all i hear when i sing and reaching out of my comfort zone to do higher notes, more powerful parts that leave me horse or i hear notes break..

i have no formal training in either singing or guitar.. and joined the band really to get back to music.. and playing the guitar i never thought i would be singing.

so i have been hunting locally for tuition but no-one in my remote part of Germany, speaks enough English to teach me or teaches the type of music i wish to sing..

so here i am, having just invested in the V24 system as my work day scheduled is tight at the best of times..

I have a Few videos of my singing on my youtube channel..

Adam "Wolf" Deville

i am hoping to get past the fear of singing and fear that i will sound awful when singing live which i will have to do in the coming gigs..

Cheers everyone..


Re: New Member

Welcome Adam. Sorry it took me soooo long to respond. Listening to your Nickelback cover now. Hey man, I like your voice! Love the emotion you are adding. I know you say you're busy but those 24 minutes can be done even in the car! So stick with it, jopin a band and do this thing!!!!! :)