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Love Jaimes method- but is it toó 'heavy duty' for delicate folk-style singing?

Hello everyone, just wanted to share my dilemma And hopefully get some feedback- con the one hand i want to strengthen my tone to sing songs by van morrison or the more powerful john mayer vocal performances. But, i still want to retain the light And natural 'conversational' singing of folk songs like tallest man on earth or john prine. And i'm wondering, because Jaime's vocal exs really 'beef-up' your vocal tone, would i lose that 'sing like speaking' light tone i have when singing folk? Thanks! David

Re: Love Jaimes method- but is it toó 'heavy duty' for delicate folk-style singing?

David, pretty sure you emailed me. You're worrying over nothing. My method has nothing to do with 'heavy'. You might perceive that though because I am a rock singer who can shatter glass, hahaha. The Isolation exercises are designed to build muscle, increase range, enhance the entire spectrum of vocal tones from falsetto to a blend to full voice from clean to gritty, and develop dynamics from the tiniest sounds to the loudest sounds. So, your singing will not suffer; it'll only become easier for you to sing along to artists like Jeff Buckley, who I loved sing Last Goodbye debuted on MTV back in the early 90s:)

Re: Love Jaimes method- but is it toó 'heavy duty' for delicate folk-style singing?

Awesome, thanks a lot for the Speedy reply! Sorry about the extra email, i was being a bit impatient lol

I posted one other concern on Facebook, but to save you bother i'll leave it here...

Basically, I'm a Street Singer who sings in public for 2 hours everyday, and ive been doing roger love-style 'goog' and 'mum' etc. exercise for months.

Is it ok for me to continue those exercises alongside the V24 programme, or would i be better off dropping the roger love exercises and just doing your ones to avoid confusing my vocal cords with the two different styles of warm-up? Or could they compliment each other?

Thanks Jaime!