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Things I've been told/ New member

I'm new here. I have just finished reading the first 96 pages of Raise Your Voice and am about to begin week 1. I wanted to share something that led me here in an effort to get some feedback about it as I move forward to correct it. I have tried to learn to sing for a while. I have shared videos of me singing with my friends to get feedback on how to improve. Sometimes the feedback they give me does not make sense, so I am now here trying to find professional help to explain to me what I need to do.

Things I have been told: open your throat, you sound like you're holding back, you're hitting the notes but it just doesn't sound good, maybe try an easier song, why don't you just stick to playing guitar, sing from your diaphragm, you sound like you have no power.

I find it difficult to get any help from my friends because they are not musicians and they themselves struggle to figure out how to explain to me what I need to do to improve. Do any of these things sound familiar? Will they be addressed in the course directly?

Re: Things I've been told/ New member

Yes, what you mentioned does sound familiar. I have heard many people tell other singers in my circle those exact things. I have been pretty lucky, I have had friends and relatives who have, for the most part, supported me. Most feedback is things that are obtainable and understandable. And if you are asking for feedback, then it seems as if they are supporting you as well. They may not know exactly what it is that they do or don't like about a particular song or maybe just a part of the song. If they are not singers themselves, it is hard to get real feedback.

As far as those who are telling you to STOP singing, give them a big raspberry! Don;t quit! Don;t let them get into your head! They actually may be jealous or maybe, for real, they don't like your voice. Think about it. There are singers out there that do not appeal to you, so it goes with maybe someone around you. However, they should never tell you to quit. That's just plain mean!

To answer your question, YES, he addresses all of this! You will love the program. I know I do!

I would suggest using one of those songs that you were critiqued on and send it into Jamie. Can;t hurt!!! Let him give you some feedback!