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Writing songs

Cheers everybody!So I came to an idea that i would like to start making my own music but i never wrote a song before so i dont know where to start.I play guitar and sing and i got all these melodies and sounds going on in my head so i dont think instrumental part of the song will be too much struggle for me but i never tried to write a song i would just come up with something while fooling around with my guitar but then forget it...If someone has experience with songwriting i would really appreciate some tips on how to put a song together and how to get more creative with lyrics.Sorry for my english its not my real language and thank you very much!

Re: Writing songs

Hey Jhonny,

So I am no professional but am getting some exposure as a singer/songwriter where I live. So what helps most of the time is having something you are writing towards, your song can go a few ways i.e. a story or themed.

Just take a listen to I never expected that by Jamie Lawson or I started a joke by the BeeGees. The songs have a progression through it and is like reading through a story whereas if you listen to waiting on the world to change by John Mayer or Lights by Journey, the songs have a central theme or hook (most often the chorus) the song revolved around.

I think starting out, just try and figure out what you want to write about, a theme; something you're passionate about is a great place to start ;). And just pour out your heart onto ink and paper, be raw about it. Most often I realized your words can be as clever as you want but if you don't sing it with heart or passion it's all for naught. When I started out writing I wrote some amazingly cheesy songs that I scraped but everyone starts somewhere. Start simple and just be you. When you've got the hang of it, just play around a little with song structure (Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus).

One exercise I really loved doing is trying to write down a story in 6 words. Here are some I came up with :
Three words. Two Hearts. One Lied.
There she stood, a lone survivor.

Just try and do 5 of those a day just to get your writing skills up. Also learn metaphors and when you get comfortable try and use them in your songs :)

Hope this helps and I wish you all the best in your writing! Have fun & rock on.

P.S. Listen to Cigarettes by Noah Gunderson, it's probably one of my favourite songs in terms of writing and execution.

Re: Writing songs

Thanks man I really appreciate your help.