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Falsetto collapsing and turning into **** :(

hey y'all

i am a vocal student about 5 months into the whole thing.

I have just started training falsetto/ head voice.
When i do a falsetto exercise on a EE, or OU, or AH vowel, around from a Bb4 all the way to an A5 or higher, I have this pure, loud, resonant and great sound that's coming out. I can feel my whole head vibrate and my teeth are even vibrating sometimes. I almost sound like a female opera singer no joke it sounds awesome. The exercise for any that are wondering is I start on the highest (root) note, and just descend the major scale until I get to the root note an octave lower


If I try to sing any kind of lyrics in a falsetto or practice some bridging exercises, that beautiful sound is nowhere to be found. My falsetto now sounds like some breathy, terrible **** and sometimes it has a strange distortion to it, that makes it sound even worse.

Any advice on whats going on here? Thanks! :)

Re: Falsetto collapsing and turning into **** :(

It sounds like you are trying to use the wrong vowels for the vocal mode you're attempting to sing in. Another possible reason that your falsetto is hard to sing in is that if you only warm up your falsetto, you will only be able to sing breathy. If you only warm up your chest voice, since it is created with a different muscle group, you will not have access to your high range at all and will either crack or no sound will come out when you try to use it. If you only warm up with twang but not your chest voice or your falsetto, your voice will sound very thin and disconnected. You need to warm up all three muscle groups and drink plenty of room temperature water to get the most out of the range that lies above your first passaggio. You also need to practice transitioning from one vowel to another. The Zee-ay-ah-ee-oh-ay-ay-lay-mine exercise from Jim Gillette's Vocal Power will help with that.

One last thing: You only really mentioned falsetto in your post, so here's a question that might better determine what is causing the collapsed falsetto issue: how strong does your chest voice below the break? The voice is like a tree, with the chest voice its foundation (roots). If the middle voice is the trunk, then the falsetto would be the branches. So you want to get that chest voice strong in the low and middle range, and make sure to shed some of the vocal weight as you go up in pitch. If you shed too much weight, your voice will be a breathy falsetto. If you don't shed enough, it won't be able to ascend because the chest voice musculature will be overpowering the other two muscle groups.

Hope this helps.