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Hello everyone!So i got a new wave of question for you :D.Its about tension obviously.So i have a few problems while i do isolation exercise.I pretty much mastered falsetto slides, still have trouble doing tt and my sirens are fine but the problem is tension especially when i do sirens.I noticed improvment in my voice and intonation, and some notes that used to be kinda hard to sing are now easy and i can do them with less support and i dont have to sing them so loudly but
im worried about doing some things wrong so i want to make sure to correct them as soon as possible.Problem is when i do sirens and approach last 2 notes of my range in full voice wich are E and F above middle C my larynx just jumps up on its own and i cant control it at all becaus im probably realising too much air but i cant help it.Im still fighting with my ribs to keep them wide open as i support but sometimes when im not paying attention they tend to come in before my stomach does.What i really want to know is am i supporting correctly(i push down and keep my belly expanded), how to keep my larynx more balanced and how to cut off the air flow at those higher notes(well high for me right now:P)and how to relife my voice of tension while singing and have more control over my voice.I try to do all that visualization things but there's just too much to think about hahaha like keep my ribs open, tongue down, inhalation sensation, core of resonance, dont push, placement like wow wait a minute hahaha.One more thing i dont feel any kind of pain, soreness or hoarseness during or after my exercises except that slight burning sensation under my chin few moments after exercise and i exercise about 1 hour a day.Thank you so very much!

Re: tension

Start using the NO side-to side movement on every pitch, even your point of reference which I assume is middle C or lower. You can develop tension on lower notes and it creeps in more and more as you ascend. You're having the tension around E/F because that is the first gear change in the voice, where a different set of muscles come into play. Our body will try to resist that change and squeeze in the throat instead of allowing it to happen as we try to slide through that first break. Lots of the NO and lots of patience:)