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Re: Unintentional distortion in head voice

Hey Michael, I had not even considered that I was using too much support! That is probably it... Another thing that causes distorted tone in the high range is singing with too much twang. Take twang too far, and it brings the false folds closer to each other so they're almost touching.

Need to experiment... But it's got to be one of those things or the other. The strange part is that when I sing in CVT Overdrive (shouty), there's no distortion. The distortion creeps in when I try to sing in Edge (cackly), which requires more twang than Overdrive.

For both of us, the problem could even be as simple as not using the correct vowel for the pitch. That would put you inbetween modes, which also causes distortion. I know what vowels have to be used above C5, but haven't found much information about un-modifying them lower in the range (C4-C5).

What I find interesting, is that I used to have the exact opposite problem: too much breathiness on those same notes! It's amazing how you can try to do something to correct a problem and end up going the other way into a different problem.