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Hello everyone here's a quick question.I often catch myself singing off key and i was planing to start exercise from the book where you have to hold a note in tune but i was also wondering if doing vocal scales could improve my intonation but im worried it would be too much for my voice doing isolation exercises+tuner exercise+scales since i only started doing isolation exercises 2 weeks ago.Know i would like to know if i decide to include scales in my daily routine where to start with them, what kind of scales to do in the beginning, for how long...basicly an overall guidline for scales and also if you have another ideas for improving intonation.Hope that makes sense:D

Re: Intonation

If you just recently started isolation exercise keep going with those. Get your voice use to them. Doing tone matching exercises are great as well. If you have a pocket tone, pitch wheel or even jaime's vocal app are all good tools. Hit the note on the pitch wheel and match it. To where you don't here a wobble anymore between the 2 sounds.

Before you do isolation exercises you should warm up first with lip bubbles, hums as well as some vocal scales. If you have Jaime's ultimate vocal warmup that would be good to start with it takes from lip bubbles to full on open scales. If you don't have it you can get fairly cheap. The move on to your isolation exercises and then Tone matching or vocal scales. get those isolations right first. It takes some time getting them down and comfortable.

If your not a member of VVA. I highly suggest joining. It has a monthly fee which is pretty cheap considering what your getting. I mean I use to use a local who I felt I was not learning from. It cost me $100 per month for 4 30 minute lessons. I am not sure what the VVA runs now but I thing it is $27 to $37 per month.

Re: Intonation

Michael's answer was great! If you have an iPad or iPhone, download Tuned XD and use the digital pitch wheel when doing Isolation exercises because you can also work on your intonation as doing your exercises. For example, when doing a Siren starting on C3, you sustain the note and wait until Tuned XD says you're in tune, then slide up and octave and sustain C4 u til you're in tune:)

Re: Intonation

What if i haven't enough money for iPad? For example, i want to synchronize my android tablet with cell phone, what i have to do? maybe use some official service?