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transcending tone

Hello everyone!I have a couple of questions about this exercise.I just started doing them this week.When i try to transcend from falsseto to full voice on my starting note(C4)i just cant do it.on a halfway i start to fry and my voice sounds like i just woke up.I know its tough exercise and it will take time to do it correctly but i just want to know should i keep my starting note on c4 or can i go lower few notes because i dont see a point in starting on c4 when i can only sing around e4 in full voice without straining.Also is it okay to just do the exercises without them being perfectly smooth cuz i just cant do them without any cracks.Thanks!

Re: transcending tone

If you can go lower by all means do so. You could start in C3 if you want. As far as shakiness in the voice that is to be expected especially if you have just started. Remember before you do these exercises always start with your vocal warmup. Lip bubbles and so on. Then move to your Falsetto slides then transcending tone and finally sirens. The transcending tones are tuff but when you master the falsetto slides the transcending tones get easier but still even a master at transcending tone will crack and wobble through the exercise. It does build strength. Hope this helps. Just to make one last comment. It is normal to crack and wobble. It will get better when you practice them regularly. 5 to 6 days a week. I would highly suggest V24. It is very well structured and designed to build you up to the more intense versions of these exercises.

Re: transcending tone

I am telling you, I LOVE when RYV members help other members!!! Thanks, Michael. This is what this board is for:) Helping other singers:)