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High Range Grit / Distortion

Hi everybody,

For a month now I'm working on to get grit done in my high range, but I only can do it in low or mid range up to A4. If I want some grit in my head voice I only can achieve by doing something similar to the witch cackle sound or with vocal fry...
here you can here it:

witch sound

vocal fry:

But thats not the sound I'm looking for, I want to achieve grit like Ralf Scheepers from Primal fear or Rob Halford from Judas Priest.

I always feel a sensation in my soft palate (a rumbling), not exactly like the Gargling sound but nearly similar, but also a little bit in my throat (I feel the false chords) but it doesn't hurt or anything.

Here you can here my low- and mid range grit:

Am I on the right track? Does it just need time and more practise do get the lower grit up to the high register? Could you help me please to achieve my goals? Any good tips? :)

Thank you! :)

Re: High Range Grit / Distortion

You're on the right track. I suggest adding in a 10,000 Challenge of E Screams. I talk about the 10,000 Challenge in my eBook, PractiSing. That E scream will develop that tone. As for the grit, yes it takes time to get it right in the upper register. Keep developing it on the low end, add in the E Screams and it will eventually transfer from low to high when you have developed the pharyngeal tone. FYI- Ralf is a good friend of mine:)

Re: High Range Grit / Distortion

Thanks for your reply Jaime! It means a lot for me!
It's good to know that I'm on the right track! Ok, I will add in the E Screams and keep PractiSing on low end, hope I'll get it done on high range soon! I'm a big fan of Primal Fear and I have to say that Ralph was one of the reasons why I wanted to sing with that grit so badly! :D
Btw. I really would like to take some Skype lessons, but I'm a poor guy... but your book in combination with your audio files helped me a lot so far! :) Learned so much! Thank you for it!

Re: High Range Grit / Distortion

Don't worry about the lessons, the book will serve you fine:) Ralf ad I are working on doing some workshops together soon:)

Re: High Range Grit / Distortion

Yeah, I think so too :) everything is in the book, it's only a matter of understanding and comparing with made experiences/sensations.
That's awesome!!! I'm really looking forward to your workshops with Ralf! Tunes me so happy! :D