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upper range help

hey everyone i just have a question on the higher range.

Ive tried to search wherever i could think of about this but every time i search for anything to do with upper range it either pertains extending full voice (which is not what im looking for) or just some really simple exercises that seriously lack explanation. its almost as if nobody has ever asked it. I just want to say if this has been brought up before i apologize, also, ii will attempt to be as clear as possible so i dont get the wrong question answered.

So, i am having difficulty in finding the musculature and or modification for the 5th octave notes, which for me is where i need to change gears from a head voice configuration but its also (i believe) the last few notes before i need to go to a whistle register. I HAVE hit them before without exactly being intentional (just messing around with different exercises) but when I attempt to reach them intentionally i just cant quite find it.

like i said i know i need to change gears a bit but i just cant quite find it, every once in a while ill start to get the feel for it for a couple notes and than i lose the feeling of the coordination and its gone. Im sure i have to build up strength, but i also dont want to be attempting anything incorrectly and do damage. I hope this makes sense.

oh by the way i am a male with a relatively low speaking voice if that helps. thanks in advance!

Re: upper range help

Hey Rusty, I say this with great respect...You have RYV, but I am not sure you have fully read it or are practicing it daily. The book talks about whistle and how I obtained it. And if you were practicing the exercises, you might have reached that 5th octave already;) Go back and re-read it, practice faithfully for 6-8 weeks and I bet you find it:) If you're a member of V, I will post a video soon of how to reach whistle with the pocketVox:)

Re: upper range help

I'm not sure if I'm at Whistle yet, but the exercises are definitely helping (the Hoo falsetto has really helped a lot with the second break)! Does whistle generally start at C5, or is it more of the G5 bridge? I've been stuck at G5 for the last year and can hit it in falsetto at karaoke, but it takes a lot of warming up even then, and I can't do it with strong adduction. There is a lot of talk about "vocal flageolet", particularly in the CVT terminology- but it's not really clear if that is reinforced falsetto or something else, and it also does not mention what pitch in Scientific Notation that would start at. I have RYV 2, which did clarify some things though, so the path to the finish line is coming more and more into view, and I've managed not to accumulate any vocal damage along the way, so that's not too shabby. :)

Re: upper range help

Flageolet is whistle. Mine starts around D6. I doubt yours would be starting at Tenor C or even G5 above. This just means you still have room to expand.

Re: upper range help

What I find confusing about the definition of Flageolet is that the CVT book talks about using it below C5 too loudly, which it says creates a split in the voice.

At C5 or just before, I feel something change- the pharyngeal tone takes over- and this is what I was thinking was Flageolet, but is probably just the start of pure M2 (or the closest thing to it).