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Hello from Sydney... New singer.

Hi everybody. My name is Adam. I'm 38 from Sydney, Australia.

I grew up on music, learned the guitar, played in bands, and even attempted a little singing.

...Eventually I got older. I became a dad and thought my music days were over.

That was until, I very nearly lost my life, 15 months ago, due to substance abuse issues. This event forced me to clean up my life and look for something a little more positive to focus my energy on. So my heart drove me to singing. I've always been so passionate about music and singing. Ever since I saw Robert Plant when I was a kid, I've wanted to be a singer... But I always told myself "Who do you think you are? You're not a REAL singer"

However... after discovering how fragile life can be, I realised it's time to do something I really enjoy... "Just do it!"

Thanks to my background in music, I didn't find it too difficult to put a decent band together... In fact, I was fairly surprised to discover such great musicians wanting to play with such an amateur singer!

Having said that, I've decided to do it properly this time, and learn how to sing like a real singer... I've always sounded a little like Ozzy Osbourne... Thick tone, pushing the chest up, no vibrato, no breathiness at all, no falsetto or mixed voice... But now, I really want to become a more diverse singer, as well as learn sing in a manner that doesn't wear my voice down (I do find it very difficult to sing without tension... Even now)

My favourite singers are Rob Halford, Steve Perry, James LaBrie, and Phil Anselmo.

Today I purchased my copy of Raise Your Voice (and I'm saving up, to hopefully get a few Skype lessons.)

I sing every day, and I hope to become a great singer. It has been a very enjoyable and interesting journey so far.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story 😊