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Vocal Damage

Hey you guys. So, I've been hitting V24 pretty hard. Been singing a lot and managed to achieve some improvement but... there's one spot that I can't seem to break. I have to push harder on falsetto to get a sound going and it seems that on full voice, mucus will stick to it making me lose control and even go out of tune. Sometimes it improves and I can clear most of it but eventually it returns. I've sang for many years before I joined the academy, so I think I may have overdone it along the way... I will see a doctor but here in Portugal I can't really afford a private consultation and it will be around a year before I can get a consultation in the hospital.

What do you guys think? Anyone encountered this before?

Re: Vocal Damage

I think that you already have your answer. Take care of your voice and use the tips and remedies written on ryv.

Re: Vocal Damage

When you say "push harder", do you mean support more? Remember that it will take more air to produce a falsetto sound because of the open glottis. However, it should not require any force. The goal is to purposely control fold connection - to open the fold for falsetto, and close it for full voice. That is the only mechanical difference. Your airflow and support should acclimate to the balance of these positions.
How did you get past Falsetto slides if you have not mastered Falsetto? Granted, the slides themselves are a lightly connected tone, but they encourage the light touch and fine control you are missing. Float it, don't force it.

Do you have the same issue descending the notes or is it only ascending? If not descend past your break, go down a semitone or two and come back up a semi tone or two past it, and just keep running over it until you are aware of the resonant and muscular shift that occurs, and expand your back and forth tracks until you are able to connect it over an octave with the break smack dab in the center. But, again, I can't stress enough that it should float - not be forced!

Re: Vocal Damage

I think we covered this in the last hangout. Let me know you understood:)