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Re: Technique application

These teach us that force is not always necessary to achieve volume and texture, they are also quite literally an exercise for the chord to build strength. The Sirens work with bridging the different resonant chambers (aka - head voice to chest voice) whereas the transcending tones - if done properly help with volume strength.

From the audio you provided you are doing the TT properly - I wouldn't hold the falsetto for as long as you did - but still, you begin in falsetto and bring the chords together while increasing "push" and volume. You also want to make sure with the TT's that your starting pitch and ending pitch are the same.
Your sirens however are incorrect - you are starting right, but ending in Falsetto - keep it in full voice, or "fully connected tone" otherwise you're missing the whole point if the exercise. Be soft volume wise if you have to, but keep the chords connected, it should not be breathy. Also work on mastering one direction before compounding the exercises, otherwise you'll have to break bad habits/relearn with all of them. If Octave Sirens are too difficult then work up in 3rds or 5ths until you are comfortable; Then work up to the octaves and double octave sirens.

Re: Technique application

Any vocal exercise is meant to build a strong foundation to your singing. They breakdown the different steps in actual singing to focus on certain aspects like developing support, tone, placement, range, projection, etc… When we sing a song, everything is happening at the same time and we loose control. That is why it is preferable to work on things seperately and slowly increase the difficulty levels. You may not want to use your head voice now but if I were you I would still work on developing it for future purposes.