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strange voice after vocal workout

Hy everyone,

I'm new in the academy and just finished reading the first falseto exercise. I've been doing it for 3 days now and i'm absolutely certain that i'm not strainning. I feel no pain in any moment, there are no veins pumping on my neck and i feel totally relaxed. I sing ocasionally for many years and alrealdy had some technique lessons on the college's choir. I'm pretty familiar with breath support and already know some stuff about changing from chest To head voice. My problem is that when i finish the exercise (after waming up) i feel a little bit hoarse. I'ts nothing like losing my voice and it doesn't last all day. I'ts really a little change in my voice after the exercise and after one or two hours im normal again. Is that ok? I'm searching for a really solid technique for singing my metal songs (mostly prog and power metal).

Here is one of my recordings: . I couldn't record the vocals in one day because i felt that my voice as losing it's brightness after one hour of singing. I know that's not suppose to happen, so that's why i'm here.

Please guys, help me!!!

PS: sorry about the inglish. I'm a brazilian guy

Re: strange voice after vocal workout

Sorry it took so long for someone to reply! The facebook page is much more active than the forum.

It's 1 of 2 things or both -
1. A support issue. Even in something as delicate as falsetto slides if you are trying to be too loud with them you are forcing too much air through the open chord and causing drying/chapping of sorts and the chord is straining against the force of the breath, which is why it's "tired" after your session.

2. Post workout fatigue. You're using the muscles in a new way and purposly working on strengthening them - ever do 50 sit ups then feel how sore your muscles are while they adjust? - luckily the chords bounce back much faster than abdominal muscles!

Keep an eye on your support, keep it light and controlled until you build the muscle - Don't worry about volume at this time, exercises are NOT how you sing anymore than a squat is how you walk - it's just a method of building muscle and adapting the muscle to /position/technique

If this doesn't help you then post an audio track of you doing the exercise so we can hear what you are doing and maybe help you out - REMEMEBR you also get FREE Critiques from Jaime, if you record the exercise and let him know what's happening he'll be GLAD to help you out! We're all here for you and your success - even fellow students like myself.

Re: strange voice after vocal workout

If you feel hoarse that is a sign of tension. It might be minimal but is still affecting your voice. It could be anything from eyebrows rising to rising tongue to sending in too much air and drying out the cords. Try to go back to the exercise and figure out what it might be. Good luck!