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Would Love A Critique of My Vocals :-D

Hey guys,

I have just recently recorded vocals to an original song... I would love for you guys (especially Jaime) to hear it, comment on it, critique the hell out of it... Tell me what I'm doing wrong/right, etc. Please try not to cringe, hehe. ;) ...My pitch does suck.


I do apologize - I don't quite know how to make the link "click-able."

Re: Would Love A Critique of My Vocals :-D

The only advice I can give you is keep working on Vocals - you'll get to where you want to be. Also, don't saturate everything in reverb - it "mushes" it all together and you lose the different instruments. Utilize Panning to fill out the sound by spreading it throughout the stereo field.

To Hone your crafts (other than with RYV) Look into Pat Pattison - he's the songwriting/lyric professor at Berklee School of Music in Boston - he has many free vids on youtube as well as free courses on

Also look into "Into the Lair" a free engineering tips on mixing by Dave Pensado at also has free tips.

Sometimes what we think is a finished product is only the beginning :-).