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Re: Shaun Morgan's Style

What do you mean by "which technique"?

You have to build the instrument first, and you do that via vocalizing/ voice training.... otherwise it is like trying to play a violin while it's still a block of wood. You have to build the strength, build the muscle coordination, and develop complete control of your breath. If you are getting hoarse doing this, you simply aren't there yet. A lot of these techniques can be damaging for the UNTRAINED Voice. If you are doing it and having issues, you are either doing it wrong, or you aren't ready to tackle it.

Think of it this way:

You have a bodybuilder who dead lifts 250lbs, 30 times, every other day.

Then you have some guy who sits on the couch eating Dorito's, drinking cokes, and playing games on PS3 every day.

Which one do you think is going to easily be able to pick up a speaker cabinet that weighs 150lb without any negative side effects?

That is the real difference between somebody who trains vocally 6 days a week, and somebody who doesn't.

Take the song "Broken". It sounds like he is holding back the breath, slight glottal compression (Think singing down into the body - like you are holding back the voice and breath.)
He doesn't sound to me that he is singing with an open throat, and he's not aiming the voice into the pocket. So, probably just SLS like almost every other guy on the radio. Most of the "Corporate Rock" (bands with big money behind them) singers don't sing with an open throat, they tend to use more SLS.
He's got a good sound. I'm not knocking SLS, but to me - SLS is HALF of what you need to be able to do. It is like.. you learn how to make the sounds, but you don't build up the muscles enough to be able to keep from damaging your instrument, while Open Throat/Bel Canto based training creates the physical instrument.

If that makes sense.


Re: Shaun Morgan's Style

Thanks a lot for the reply! :) By the way he didnt get any vocal lessons as far as I know and he probably doesnt know anything about SLS lol :)