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Smoking, drinking and drugs

In RYV, Jaime says that smoking, drinking and drugs are really harmful and should be avoided. But all of my favorite rock stars (Freddie Mercury, Paul Mccartney, John Lennon, Steven Tyler, Eric Burdon, Shaun Morgan etc.) have all of those bad habits so i thought that it gives the voice the raspy-soulful effect. Am I wrong? I rarely drink and dont smoke or do drugs and my voice is so pure (I dont want it to be pure I like raspy sounds) so that really makes me want to start those bad habits lol :D Anyway I'll be very happy if someone proves me wrong thanks :)

Re: Smoking, drinking and drugs

Drinking, smoking and doing drugs is very very bad for your voice. They did it because they didn't know any better.

Learn how to do grit properly. The technique is outlined in RYV and if those instructions don't work for you, other respectable methods should have grit techniques (e.g. CVT, KTVA, 4 Pillars.)

Don't ruin your beautiful voice by destroying it with drugs. _

Re: Smoking, drinking and drugs

The music business is really tough. These idols didn't smoke and do drugs out of wanting a raspy voce. They did it probably for fun at first and got caught up in the whole thing when certain aspects of their lives turned ugly. They did it because of unhappiness and personal issues. It certainly not an example we should follow; too much of a great (and foolish) risk to take!!

If you want a raspy voice, learn to control your voice better so that you can produce that kind of tone without damaging your vocal cords. Jaime has a wonderful screaming program check it out! Other programs such as Melissa Cross' "The Zen of Screaming" are also recommended.