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Re: Chronic recurring laryngitis

Con, we two might be on the same boat. I dont have pain in the next morning, but I have very bad morning voice, lots of stricken phleghm in cords. and throughout the day I do constant throat clearing, luckily I have a very good worked-up voice to stand the pressure and motivation in my band, othervise I wouldnt be able to sing. My advice is to search for terms like "hypotyrodism" or hypertyrodism, fungal laryngitis, candida albicans and leaky gut. The last named are huge problems, and require lots of diet changes, it´s not about diary or sweets, leaky gut is a huge problem, not recognized by most doctors. I also went to ENT and alergologist and gastroenterologist and, and they found absolutely nothing. according to losts of tests I should be absolutely healthy, last cold I had was half year ago. but the constant throat clearing is a sign of seriously undermined health. the huge problem about leaky gut and intestine is one thing that no doctor has ever told me and it is: that if mucus membrane on your small intestine gets overactive , your other mucus membrane everywhere in body gets coactivated too, that means sinuses and vocal folds too. dont give up con, never give up. find a good herbal tea what fits you, for mee throat coat tea is not good enough.

Hmm I don't have mucus problems, I'll check those out though, they checked me for bacteria and fungus, nothing :/, I used to have bad morning voice but it turned out to be just a lot of bad grit technique (I could never figure the proper one), so it tore up my voice, so after a month or two doing workouts it was better.
Thanks for the response, and sorry for doubleposting, hope you're better now.

Re: Chronic recurring laryngitis

Have you consulted a vocal coach to point out issues with your singing technique? At this point, I would strongly encourage you to take a lesson with Jaime, myself or another qualified singing teacher you trust in your area. You most likely have tension when producing sound for singing. The tricky part with tension is that we get so customed to it that it doesn't feel tensed to us anymore. My guess is this is happening to you.


Re: Chronic recurring laryngitis

I can only think of 3 possibilities off the top of my head.
1. Tension. Tension doesn't always cause pain when singing, but it causes fatigue. Our bodies sometimes feel things "the next day - which brings me to the next option...
2. "normal" post-workout soreness. Laryngitis means (inflammation of the larynx - as I'm sure you know. A good "workout" causes blood to fill the areas being worked - this blood can swell things making them tender - a tenderness that lingers the next day. As long as it's just soreness - and hoarseness due to soreness (not a scratchy, daggers in your throat - "I can't talk because I'll cough up blood" pain)it's probably not a big deal. Just time yourself on your workouts and be consistent to build the muscle. A strong muscle isn't sore.
3. Contaminants in your bedroom. An old dusty pillow, cases you dried outside on the line (pollen collects in the pillowcase outside - you're allergic to pollen), a central heat/air filter that needs changing and you sleep near the vent, a dirty humidifier... things like this you are breathing throughout the night.

Also, good breathing does not equal good technique. It is PART of good technique, but not the whole - there could be many things in your technique that are causing the "next day laryngitis"

And there's always the possibility that it's psychosomatic.. but that's like a billion to 1.

Thanks for the response, I'll try to narrow it down:
1. I guess it could be, but I don't think so, I feel pretty relaxed and free when singing, and still the 15 minute singing thing :/.
2. I'm very aware of the soreness you are talking about, and that's not what's bothering me, except in a way that it's that period exactly when I should not speak or I get laryngitis. I probably didn't make it clear enough, but it's not only the day after, it lasts for about a week of extreme care.
3. I've been thinking about this as well, not sure what to make of it, I'm not allergic to dust, and it kind of doesn't fit, for example I had two recording sessions 2h each not so long ago, as soon as I cooled down, I didn't talk for the rest of the day, and tomorrow I was perfectly fine, on both occasions, so it doesn't seem to fit, at least the way I see it.

As for the last one, I do take TOO much care of my voice I guess, and I worry a bit more, at least compared to other singers I know, so it seems like a valid cause to me, but I really hope there is a more concrete reason for this.
Thanks again.