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Re: morning no- voice, waking up without ability to sing a single note,hardly-sticken phleghm in cor

A few things that will help:

- Leaving windows open while sleeping so that the air is fresh and circulated.
- breathing through the nose
- staying hydrated (drink 8+ glasses of water a day)
- juice fasting (try 3 days at first. A few months later try a few more)
- clean up the diet. removing fake foods, supplements, up the plants (more fruits and vegetables) lower the meat and dairy.

Warming up your voice with good technique will help too as it brings elasticity and lubrication to the cords

Good singing to you,

Phil Moufarrege

Re: morning no- voice, waking up without ability to sing a single note,hardly-sticken phleghm in cor

Phil I do almost everything that you suggested, except juice fasting and I can´t leave the window fully open because of too much noise from road, but yes on critical days I will have to leave it open.

I´m back into my voice, dont know what caused it to be so filled with mucus.
My problem is that I just get a very but really very bad morning voice and it seems no mater what. It has started with progressing of my grit couple months ago. The overproduction of mucus (from leaky gut and candida) has been aflicting my false cords during sleeping. The problem is that during sleep there is a drainage of mucosa, and my pevious clean voice was not so much impacted like my today´s improved voice. Even the humididy doesn´t go low I get the nasty mucosa drainage and I wake up with little to no hoarse voice at all. Fortunately I am able to get during day to my normal voice and excercise.

I have eaten for over 2 weeks mainly vegetables with occasional meat, no fruit, no sugar at all, no bakery and little to no carbohydrates coming from only nuts, being on strict anticandida diet.
I know for sure that that extreme drainage comes from internal body enviroment (leaky gut, candida) and not from external humidity.

I´m looking for the way to alleviate that nasty drainage.

Do you have any special tip, like the one you think I dont find anywhere on net?
Anyway I will work on getting rid of this serious and life debilitating problem when you wake up and need to spit phleghm. Canida overgrowth linking to leaky gut is a big issue for singer and if left untreated it can wreck havoc on your voice and put your career to end, because it causes sinusitis and post nasal drip. These 2 things have seemed to get better during past 2 weeks. Do I need A Humidier, even though the humidity in my room is just OK? and what are the best things to put into it to aid in breathing through nose?

Re: morning no- voice, waking up without ability to sing a single note,hardly-sticken phleghm in cor

I really think you need to go on an extended juice fast for more than 10 days plus enemas. Possibly even enzyme therapy. This stuff can be cleared.
Many choose not to however. I understand it sounds "far out".

I personally don't recommend cutting out fruits and natural sugars to deal with candida. Excess fat can be the issue as it coats the cells not allowing the sugar to get inside the cells which causes the elevated bloodsugar which causes candida to come in.

If you feel it may be something that resonates don't hesitate to contact me privately and I will tell you more about it.

Phil Moufarrege

Re: morning no- voice, waking up without ability to sing a single note,hardly-sticken phleghm in cor

Phil thanks for response again. I am very slim and seem even malnutrished. I heard the theory that candida thrives on excess fat too. I eat not much fat. I was searching for the clue to some of my symptoms including too much mucus in throat, neck and mouth after eating everything, increased salivation, dried mouth and vocal cords in the morning, nasal congestion and sinusitis induced from meals. I came to conclusion that leaky gut and yeast overgrowth is the root of my symptoms. Man I can´t believe I still can sing because many won´t if they get so much phleghm in cords like me. Steaming for at least half of hour devided into three parts seems to help, during steaming I spit mucus like crazy. I believe if I stayed little to no carbohydrate and sugarfree diet, I would withstand juicing fast.

Re: morning no- voice, waking up without ability to sing a single note,hardly-sticken phleghm in cor

This is address in RYV in the acid reflux section if I remember correctly. Try a spoon of organic apple cider vinegar before your meal to help your stomach maintained a natural pH level when digesting. My recommendation is to take notes of what you ate for dinner that night before when you wake up with these symptoms. Avoid spicy food, citrus alcohol and ALL porcessed food. Cook at home from fresh meat and vegetables.


Re: morning no- voice, waking up without ability to sing a single note,hardly-sticken phleghm in cor

Well this problem is constant. It´s not about mapping what I eat at night or whatever. I went to the doctor again to do different diagnostic tests. He did stool test for candida, yeast, parasites, and they went negative. Also he did test concerning mouth and throat bacteria, and this one was negative too. All past tests didn´t show anything specific except for more mucus in sinuses and lungs. Chlamidia/mycoplasma test negative. and endoscopy for acid reflux went negative too. The only one plausible cause is "Leaky gut" but it cannot be diagnosed. The logic says if I eat literally anything and my sinuses slightly fill within couple of hours. the problem is not meal, but intestinal lining. my mother has also problems with too much mucus in throat going for years and years. Tommorow my new package will arive. I´ll try some zink, glutamine, quercetin for leaky gut. This is going to be a huge problem for future singers because today´s foodstuff contains plenty of refined sugars and carbohydrates and gluten which in long term damage intestinal lining. I will let you know how things work. How I wish to open my big voice to the fullest and not to worry about mucus in throat. I also have lots of trouble because I need to spit during day a lot because of post nasal drip. I spit really huge amount of mucus when doing scream excercises.