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Always Wondered???

If occasionally my voice is not cooperating or feels slightly fatigued should I continue singing? I usally stop because im afraid I might strain my voice or just make things worse for my next practice session.

Re: Always Wondered???

For me, when that starts to happen I finish whatever song I'm singing and then cool down, so that I don't strain and cause any damage.

Re: Always Wondered???

Hi Sammy,

The voice is very resilient. If you feel fatigued, rest for 5-10 minutes, take a break get some water and come back and you will find your voice will usually be recovered quite quickly.

Now I also urge you to really really pay attention to the RYV book especially the sections on support and also being careful not to be use excessive breathiness to create the tone (inhalation sensation).

Excessive breathiness will dry out your voice quicker than anything, especially if you are using that pushing from the throat sensation to get power.

Really feel like you are INHALING the sound or drinking in the sound. This sensation should not lock up your throat, if it does you are doing it wrong.

You must be very mindful to keep all tensions down in the abdominal cavity NOT in the throat. And to really master the INHALATION SENSATION.

Power doesn't come from pushing out hte mouth (what I call throwing the sound out). It comes from restraining the air (glotall compression) and using the support (power push).

I also recommend not blasting through songs if they are too difficult for ya. Feel no shame in slowing 'em down and REALLY making sure you are CONTROLLING each phrase.

I hope this helps you in some way!

Phil Moufarrege

Re: Always Wondered???

are you sure it is really about your voice getting tired and not just much mucus? try to do vocal fry on the notes your voice is tired and if the tiredness recedes that means it is the mucus not about your voice.

Re: Always Wondered???

Thanks for the feedback fellas. Its hard to pin point with all the dozens of things that can keep you from having the awsome practice that you want to have everytime. I guess I just overthink it and try to be extra cautious with all the stories of singers that damage there vocals. Also I hate bailing out on a practice just cuz my voice aint cooperating.

Re: Always Wondered???

What Phil said here is spot on.

Maybe you don't feel like that is what is happening here but it could be. The advice he gives is solid as.

Re: Always Wondered???

Listen to what your body is telling you. Take a break and realign yourself. One of the best advse I have ever heard: "you shouldn't FEEL your voice; if you FEEL it (as it hurt) you are doing something wrong." Ask yourself where the tension is coming from and be pro-active when trying again.