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Re: The idea behind resonance that doesn't always resonate.

Awesome! If more RYV readers would participate on here, it would help clarify a lot of things because new visuals can be even more effective for some singers than the ones in the book. Great job, Diane:)

Re: The idea behind resonance that doesn\'t always resonate.

Awesome post, Diane! You have certainly digested RYV and can provide others with examples to understand the knowledge we get there.

Re: The idea behind resonance that doesn't always resonate.

In my experience I don't lightly blend anything. It's a 2 hour+ power work-out to get that quality sound.

My chest vocal break was very hard at A3 being a bass baritone. Just the other day I hit some solid A4s in chest voice. For the longest time A4 was a very flippy-horrible mess if I ever went there in chest.

Now on this same day I hit an E5 in chest that sounded like my A4 from over 6 months ago. I don't know what the physical limits of chest are but it's like a muscle and you can stretch it out with practice--but who knows how far?

Also my A5 in full voice resonates in my throat/chest voice so it's not all-head either.

I do very little visualization beyond just getting a grip on notes with my voice. I tried the whole spiral/mask/ball/etc. and it just seems best to instead focus on feeling tone, volume, power, and resonance. You feel the connection and power and if it's not improving over the next few minutes then you're doing something wrong.

Re: The idea behind resonance that doesn\'t always resonate.

I myself imagine the voice going up and down a set of stairs that follows a path along the jaw and skull.

But I love your traveling train visual :) Great job and thanks for posting!