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Re: Caffeine Negatively Affects Vocal Health?

Hey does anyone here know if caffeine free sodas are better for a singer?

That stuff is all horrible for you really.

IF, I am drinking alcohol, I will drink a mixed drink that is mixed with coke, but normally I'll drink Jagermeister.

Otherwise, I steer clear of soft drinks for the most part. You see this? That is my family's soft drinks, and my water supply. LOL I drink one of these flats of bottled water about every two days. They all gripe that I buy so much bottled water, and I tell them,"At least I'm not buying canned poison."

Thank You Costco for having 35-packs of Zepherhills Spring water!

But here was what I wanted to say.
I was a really heavy coffee drinker. I mean, for YEARS. like no water at all - I drank coffee all day. We're talking pots of coffee.

I began mixing my coffee a scoop of regular and a scoop of decaf when I started making it, and I noticed a MAJOR difference in my voice, and I began being able to hit high notes that I was unable to hit before, and I mean... like in a few days.

So, my advice is cut your caffeine intake down to where it doesn't affect your voice, and just drink water. Old habits die hard - I tried eliminating the coffee in the morning, but I am just a complete grouch without it - It can even just be decaf. It is just the act of drinking coffee... it is part of my morning ritual and I have done it so long, that if I don't drink it, my day doesn't seem to start off right. So these days I am just drinking decaf... but I always pound out a bottle of water before my feet even hit the floor.
Your throat will thank you, and so will your kidneys and bladder. LOL

Re: Caffeine Negatively Affects Vocal Health?

I don\'t avoid it, but drink (and sell) a healthy coffee infused with ganoderma lucidum. Jaime mentions gandoderma in RYV in the herbal chapter. The ganoderma neutralizes the acidic effects of coffee. No more acid reflux, constricted vocal cords, indigestion, or dry vocal cords. It\'s actually part of my post singing regimen after church. The brand I drink (and sell) is Organo Gold. The ganoderma is 100% organic certified. For more info visit My contact info is at the top of the site, so feel free to contact me w/ ?\'s. I\'m very glad that I didn\'t have to give up \"my precious\" coffee! :) Gollum, Gollum, Gollum!!!

Re: Caffeine Negatively Affects Vocal Health?

If you only have one coffee in the morning it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I love a warm drink to start the day but I alternate with tea, and herbal coffee. Compensate by drinking lots of water after. Don't drink coffee right before singing that's all!