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Re: questions about grit/ scream and prevention of nodules

LOL, I´m still in colledge. I think for people with naturally clean voice there is only one way to learn how to scream rock and that is low grit/midrange grit and high scream. I do highscream not exactly like Jaime teaches I use the same principle as in low/midrange grit so it´s slight variation. What I dont have clear is (first thing) whether when making IEEE (or hEEEIIIAAA)I should go louder or not loud. Second thing is when doing IAAA I go either one time louder and straight for grit and another time I go from reinforced falseto slowly entering the grit, you know what I mean. But I dont know which way is better for not developed grit. when I shoot straight louder IAA I use to cut deeper into false cords, and when going slower from reinforced fallsetto I try to work on break point between clean and gritty, which one is more benefical I don´t know.
the third thing is whether it´s better to manipulate the sound EEEIIIIEEEIII or AAAIIIAAAAIIIAAA (and so on) with vocal cords or do vibratos into grit like Jaime showed in instructional video of Highscream. this would be interesting to know which one brings me results faster.

Re: questions about grit/ scream and prevention of nodules

I always wanted to sound like Dio and Eric Adams from Manowar, and I have done a good job of getting the Eric Adams thing down - I can SING and sound a lot like him, but I can not SCREAM like him, and that is what I am looking for.
Not "screamo"/death metal kinds of stuff - I have zero interest in that, but scream, as in "old school" metal.

Specifically like this:

Eric Adams' Scream in "King of Kings"

Re: questions about grit/ scream and prevention of nodules

well, it´s partially a matter of genetics how your scream is going to be sound after the proccess of long term training. I don´t aim to get death metal/hardcore or any type of scream like that. From what I have understood jaime teaches hardrock/ heavy metal type of scream which I have been going for. eric adams scream is awesome. But as well there are certainly more types of scream in hardrock community. the point is I dont know how I will be sound at the end, so the point is top develop your own style your own scream. Anybody here on forum who can give me answers to my questions in my previous comment?