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2 Important questions

Hello RYV family can anyone tell me things to do to reduce swelling of the vocal cords

And the other question: Is there anymore things to do for a better tone I want people to be amazaed by the first note If you guys know what I mean

Re: 2 Important questions

OK since I see you need an imidiate help, I recomend you to go read this thread on swelling here on forum

here might be also other threads just type the word "swelling" at the search bottom. On page 166 in RYV Jaime talks about propolis and its effect on reducing swelling, you may also reread the section 15 (page 165). Also it wont hurt to drink couple table spoons of ACV (always mixed with liquid, best with lemon tea and honey) more times per day. Soon you get here the additional advice by other people.

Re: 2 Important questions

Water and vocal rest. They need to heal - so SHUT UP!!

For better tone, honestly just follow the RYV technique. Read it and reread it until you're going "OH, okay, I get it now" until as you're reading you can feel the physical sensations of what you're supposed to do. Then practice it until you have mastered it. It's not a speedy process, nothing quality ever is.

Also - learn to RELAX - the more relaxed and unrestricted you can keep your singing mechanisms and resonation cavities the more tone you can manipulate.

To be perfectly honest it takes more then just your tone for people to love you as a performer. Though a great tone and voice is definitely a plus, about 55% of the audiences perception of you is visual - do you emote what you sing, do you "sell the song" visually? Are those expressions large enough for the people in the back of the club to see? Confidence is another key - NOT cockiness mind you, but a humble confidence. The voice isn't the WHOLE package, if you aren't interesting and genuine people won't pay attention no matter how great you are vocally. Don't misunderstand performance as strictly theatrical. Everyone who paid a cover is there to see a show, have a good time and make some memories, they aren't there to see if you can hit a F#6 or a B2 - they really don't care (nor do they even know what that means) as long as you entertain them. If you don't deliver they won't be back, and neither will you.

Ever wonder why Taylor Swift is famous? Really, she's not that great - she's terrible actually, but she has a great show ad relationship with her audience and her fans - so they support her.

Re: 2 Important questions

Diane and Alex thankyou guys much appreciated you´ve helped me alott with the responses, Diane I can´t really shut up cause I do marketing so is this Ok or can´t I really talk ...

Re: 2 Important questions

I would be silent when it's allowable and since you have to talk a lot for work anyway I'd look into speaking techniques that professional speakers use. These are like a singing techniques for speakers with direction on proper placements and projection for the health and longevity of the voice.

JUST DON'T WHISPER! You will actually cause more damage.

An as Alex said, I'm sure if you search swelling there will be MANY-a-thread about it. I know Jaime also has a few books on herbal remedies and elixirs for vocal health and recovery.

Re: 2 Important questions

Hello RYV family can anyone tell me things to do to reduce swelling of the vocal cords

And the other question: Is there anymore things to do for a better tone I want people to be amazaed by the first note If you guys know what I mean

Define "better tone". You will find that a large portion of singers don't like their voice, especially in the early stages of voice training. People always want to sound like somebody else. As your voice grow stronger ad you learn to expand your throat and maintain an open throat for singing, you'll develop a more robust tone. Just keep training (after the swelling goes down) and I promise you it will happen - it just takes time, a commitment to training on a regular basis, as well as throwing in periodic rest days - because your voice does need a regular rest period.


Re: 2 Important questions

Thankyou Tim for your response it make's great sense I'm kinda new to vocal tcq I don't really like my voice but others say I have a great voice so I started looking for vocal training at first I tried to improve with youtube videos but didn't getted to the point I wanted but I was lucky enough to find you guys and jaime vendera I do love singing and will be trying everything I can to be an amazing singer,and I will be posting every question I have to :p

Thankyou guys

Re: 2 Important questions

For swelling, Zinc lozenges, the chalky kind, maybe 4 a day and hot water sipping it all day long.

Re: 2 Important questions

Try to be pro-active to avoid vocal fatigue. One of the best advise I have ever is: "If you feel your voice, you're doing something wrong"! Meaning that if you feel irritation, stop and realign yourself.