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Group Thoughts?

I have noticed as I master more of this technique that singing has become just as easy as talking, so much so I notice that my voice sounds and feels more natural when I sing - as it does when I talk. The way I use my sinus cavities also mirrors that of my speech. I've never REALLY strained, but I did have a tendency to drop tone and this technique was the sandpaper I needed to polish and smooth where I was having issues.

It's almost as if singing has become more of an emotionally guided, one sided conversation. Like story telling - with music. Not that it just sounds like I'm talking, but the tone is as relatable as talking - any fluctuation has purpose to tell that story - it shows as much conversational depth as speech... if that makes an sense. I know you've heard people say "story telling with music" before and thought - "well yeah... lyrics tell a story -duh!", but this is more than that... It's like I'm singing you a story just as easily and articulately as I could speak it to you....I sound.. more "real", more relatable... more... like ME!

It could also be that I'm getting comfortable in my own tone and for ONCE starting to love my voice and hear what's been in my head for SO long coming out of my mouth without even thinking instead of: "how did I approach that before? - why didn't it sound right this time? - hopefully it sounds right live!". I'm SO excited for our show on April 27th - I can't wait to converse and let loose with my audience instead of being terrified and disappointed in myself!

The question I propose to the group is - WHAT to YOU feel makes a good performance? Feeling like you were witness to a great show - like a staged play/performance OR feeling like you just had an intimate experience where the artist was speaking directly to you? - like you were just hanging out with the artist at the same time as the performance and you were "inside" of the show? Which artist would you be more likely to approach, support and follow?

Re: Group Thoughts?

I thnk a great performer lets you into THEIR WORLD. Even though when we see our favourite performers they are often times coming from a foreign country to our country and yet we feel like we are entering THEIR world.

Phil Moufarrege