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Re: tonsils?

These are your vocal chords and what they look like -

2:55-3:00 on this video shows and awesome "exactly where they are" animation

Maybe this will help you figure out what you're catching/pulling/hitting/etc.

Re: tonsils?

Here's another video from Melissa Cross that shows the vocal folds.

The funny part is her doctor says at 3:57 - and continues to say that no matter which scream she does - "good" or "bad" the vocal folds are still just squeezing, what she calls "good" is just raising the palate - which the doctor again states - "in either case the vocal folds are just squeezing" SO I'm not sure how well that supports her theories on screaming if there is no actual "saving of the chords" because they are doing the same thing in either case. It's ends abruptly with Melissa saying "That's false chords" ... but based on the previous 4 minutes I just watched... it's not, it's more squeezing - which is probably what the doctor said too, which is PROBABLY why it ends right there. I believe the only thing that's "saving the chords" is the support and proper placement of the air that is coming through the "squeezed chords" - making the sound with minimal "breakthrough" and potential injury.... but that's about all I can figure...

Re: tonsils?

One of the best advise I have ever heard was: "If you feel your voice; you're doing something wrong". Perhaps revisit the strategies you are using to approach grit or ask a scream specialist such as Jaime to work with you for a couple of lessons and let you know whether or not you are doing the exercises correctly.

Re: tonsils?

Diane thanks for reply and advice.:) Oisele, I was thinking about that. However i don´t feel the screaming touches my true cords. I don´t feel anything like scratching in cords maybe very slight sometimes when I try to produce desired distortion and it doesn´t come properly, but the feeling of tiny scratching in hights occurs scarcelly and it´s not hurting my voice. However I have to pay attention in the lowest register when scratching in my true cords tends to occur more frequently so I watch out for that. I get husky voice after session meaning it affects my talking voice for couple hours and then husky voice slowly diseapers. Fisrt session was the hardest I ended up with scratchy voice, no matter how careful I tried to be. I have hovewer other issues about grit. the issue is the power. I suspect that the less power you need for distortion (perfect rumbling soun´d in palate)when doing low grit/midrange/ high scream the faster you get results in your singing voice. The point is that I need to go pretty loud to make nastier scream/ grit in my singing voice however I think for beginner it´s quite normal if your voice was before totally clean. So the indicator should be producing of proper distortion in less power.