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Common Ground part 1

Peace Jordi,

My apologies for not responding earlier. Ever since your reply I have had to take it all into consideration. However I should have let you that I've had my hands full with other individuals from other forums as well. I was mistaken & I hope you will forgive me.

First of all I have to let you know that as a Muslim I'm required to speak the truth even if it's against myself once it has been made clear. Another thing is that I want you let you know that I'm not looking for a fight. And I was wrong for being confrontational or giving you a negative attitude which would cause a barrier between you and I. So I hope you will also forgive me for that & I hope we may continue this discussion peacefully.

Having said this as a conclusion to my search for knowledge concerning Islam & Evolution before this moment was incomplete & therefore in error. I had only looked into it with a narrow scope & the results of that where to find that Evolution does not exist at all. But this can not be conclusive since our knowledge of Evolution is still not complete and may gaps remain. Since the pieces of the puzzle are not all put together then how can I as a Muslim say that it is totally false?...that would be premature judgment & unfair. And I think you will agree with me on this.

So I began to question myself "Does Islam say anything to support Evolution at all?". I'm speaking from a Scientific stand point & not an Ideological one. Before I continue I'd like to let you know that the sources of knowledge of Islam are it's revelation The Holy Qur'an & the Hadiths (traditions of the Prophet). As for the Qur'an it is the actual speech of Allah revealed to His last and final messenger to all mankind. It is still preserved to this day in it's original language of Arabic, through countless numbers of Muslims today who have committed it to memory. Each having a pedigree to assert which individual learned it & memorized it from whom which will lead all the way back to the Prophet."Qur'an" is Arabic for "Recitation" and the Prophet Muhammed could not read nor write and did not have any formal education. Yet Allah has made it a sign to given revelation to someone who could not even sign his own name. The Qur'an is actually quite full of scientific facts that where not known to mankind during the time of it's fields such as Astronomy, Geology, Embryology ect... Such information encouraged Muslims to make countless discoveries in Science, Technology and Math centuries after the Prophet had died peace be upon him. This movement also lead to the Renaissance in Europe.

To check out some verses of the Qur'an speaking on various Scientific topics:

To watch Non Muslim Scientists confess that in information stated in the Qur'an must have come from Allah:

You will conclude that Islam is unique. Scientific fact never contradicts the Qur'an....never has & never will. So what does it have to say about Evolution? The results you will find shocking:

The Holy Qur'an mentions 99 Names and Attributes for Allah. But who is Allah to begin with? Allah is Arabic for "Thee one and only worthy of worship". This term Allah can not be genderized nor be made plural in Arabic. Arabic is a Semitic language & it's origins date back further than english. That is why Muslims tend to say "Allah" rather than God since english has only been around since 1066....therefore it is more authentic to call the Lord by his proper name which He has reserved for Himself. In the Qur'an Allah also encourages Muslims to call upon Him and praise Him by 98 other Names and Attributes. For example "Al Rahman" (The Merciful), "Al Wadud" (The All Loving), "Al Aziz" (The All Great). Now these two I want to stress on:

-"Al Khaaliq" (The Creator)

-"Al Bari" (The Evolver)...that's ain't no secret Allah is known also as The EVOLVER. Mentioned in Chapter 25 (Al Furqaun) verse 2:

"He to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth: no son has He begotten, nor has He a partner in His dominion: it is He who created all things, and ordered them in due proportions."

This is an english translation of the meaning of the Qur'an from the Arabic original....a translation which was based about 100 years ago. Therefore the translators at the time had to rely on the knowledge of science at their present time and so gave a more general description of "Bari" as "ordered in due proportions" rather than just say "evolve".

Common Ground part 2 - by Kishk - Jan 31, 2007 6:44am
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