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Evolution correct and incorrect at the same time?

Peace to you Jordi

I have read the articles you've posted. But I can not see how something can be true and false at the same time. You tell me that the theory of evolution is both correct and incorrect. I'm sorry but I can't get that.

I am surprised that Darwinists still depend on the concept of natural selection. I had thought that was done away with by the discovery of genes. That is why their position has been transferred to say that now mutation is a basic element for evolution to occur. But the bad news is that mutations only give harmful results & give no advantages for survival to any creature.

I can understand what you have said about monkeys and humans are 2 different species resulting from a common ape ancestor....but unfortunately the missing links are not there. It is such a disappointment to Darwinists that it lead to fabrication of Nebraska man to deceive mankind, but later revealed as a hoax.

But my question was not the same as asking about the origins of human races. Species and human races are 2 different issues completely...and no race of human is above the other by any means. Difference of color and features are beautiful and aids with the ability for us to distinguish one another not to fight and oppose each other on such basis. When you cut us up and look inside we are the same....if I need blood for a transplant I can get it from any human being of any race....and the same goes for body parts. Yet from my "cousin" the monkey or any ape for that matter I can't...yet I heart transplant of a pigs to a human worked!...fancy that!?

I'm asking what is the difference between that common ape ancestor and the various species of apes we have today?

Speaking of ancestors...why not go back to the grand daddy of them all....the cell. Where is the ancestor for that?


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